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How do you plan for a home remodeling?

To use just one word: thoroughly. In fact, the secret of home remodeling is in the planning before you even start. For example, you want to ask yourself if you want to replace your windows, repair the windows or leave them as they are?

This will influence many other things, such as how much painting you will need to do later.

Another example of something to plan for in home remodeling is siding. Are the external walls of the house OK? Should you put siding on them? If you do, are there repairs you need to do before you add the siding?

Or are there repairs you need to do but won't have to if you do add sidings?

Budgeting and home remodeling.

While the secret of home remodeling is in the planning, making sure that you do things in the right order (roof first, then windows, then sidings, then the rest) before you do even that you must have a budget. How much can you afford to spend?

How much do you need to spend? We can all think of ways to spend more money, but which parts of the work must you do, which parts would you only like to? Will your money cover all of them? Unless you are very lucky this need to prioritize will mean that you'll have to leave some of the things you'd like to do undone, in order to pay for the things you must do.

Finally, make sure you budget for the mess cleanup. It always costs more than you think.

Spring is a good time to upgrade the home

There are a number of traditional reasons why spring is a good time for home improvements and home remodeling. The first is that our ancestors would have been cooped up in the house all winter and desperate to make a few home improvements.

It's the same reason we refer to the annual clean out as spring cleaning: the joy at actually being able to do it without freezing is part of it. You can understand why people might think that this is also the right time of year for home remodeling.

A second reason for concentrating on home remodeling and home improvement in the spring is that all of the costs of the holiday season will have been paid off. We can all budget properly and work out how much we can afford to spend or finance.

Of course, there is never any problem in deciding what we want to do in home remodeling: the great tragedy of home improvements is that we can never quite afford to do everything we want. Or at least not to quite the standard that we want.

It's the weather, stupid!

To paraphrase Bill Clinton, the number one reason why the spring is the best time of year for home improvements and home remodeling is the weather. It's the time of year when you know that you have a few months to take off the roof, or strip the paint off the outside walls, remove the windows, without storms or snow whipping through the house.

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