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What are the benefits of a new skylight?

By James Golden 

Skylights are traditionally a durable, trouble-free investment, but recent advances in skylight technology may encourage you to improve upon your existing skylight.

Cracks or damage to skylights increase the likelihood of drafts or leakage problems in your home. Repairing your existing skylight or investing in a new one can remedy these problems.

New technology makes skylight more efficient

Skylights are now available with new technology that can better prevent leakage and reduce impact damage. Leakage is the most common problem associated with skylights. Replacing your skylight will insure that the “flashing,” a piece of metal that siphons off rain water, is flush with your roof, which minimizes leakage problems.

There are also many different types of glass that new skylights can be built with.  New glass can increase insulation efficiency and help you save money on your energy bill.  Skylights can also be made with shatter resistant plastic.

If your skylight is located underneath a tree or close to any other material that may potentially cause damage to your skylight if it falls, shatter-resistant plastic is a sound investment.

What should I do if my skylight is broken? Identify the problem

If you skylight is broken, first identify the problem. The two most common problems are leaks and cracks.  If your skylight is leaking, try lifting up the surrounding shingles and clearing away any dirt or debris. Then, seal any cracks with caulk or urethane roofing cement.  If your skylight is cracked, you need to either replace the glass window pane or invest in a new skylight.


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