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Replacement Window Types - Which one should to choose?

By James Golden 

When replacing windows, you need to consider several factors in order to choose the best window for your needs. There are six basic types of windows, each with distinctive characteristics:

  • Double-hung windows have one sash on top of the other, and the bottom one slides up. They are often put where a window that moved in or out would obstruct living space.
  • Casement windows open on one side with a crank and are often put over a sink or counter that you would not want to lean over to push up a window.
  • Bay windows are groups of windows that extend beyond the wall of a room, and are used to make a room feel more spacious.
  • Gliding windows have two sashes on either side, one of which slides past the other. They are often used in the same situations as casement windows, because some may find them easier to open.
  • Picture windows do not open and are used to create views and bring in a great deal of light. They are often larger than other types of windows and used in combination with other types.
  • Awning windows have a hinge on top and open inward or outward with a crank. They are often placed high on a wall or grouped together.

You also need to consider the thickness and type of frame. A vinyl frame provides the best insulation, but cannot be painted like a wooden frame and is not as strong as an aluminum frame. Double or triple-paned windows also provide better insulation.


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