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Premium Vinyl Siding from Sears Home Improvement Services

When you install premium Vinyl Siding from Sears, you help give your home a beautiful, maintenance-free look for years to come.

Sears lets you choose from a wide variety of popular colors in wood grain textures that look like freshly painted wood. And since the siding is 100% vinyl, it won’t peel, chip, dent, crack, or fade. Make the outside of your dream home look just as good as the inside. With Sears premium vinyl siding, you can give your house a beautiful, maintenance-free look that lasts. Sears premium vinyl siding won’t ever peel, chip, dent, crack or fade.

While most homeowners care a lot about their homes, many have little time to spend on upkeep. Whether your home has a wood, brick, stucco, stone or other masonry exterior, siding is a simple way to give it many years of maintenance-free good looks. Once installed, siding is easy to clean and maintain.

Choose from a wide variety of popular colors in wood grain textures that look like freshly painted wood from Sears, America’s largest home improvement provider. Sears also gives you a free in-home design consultation plus Satisfaction Guaranteed**

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Sears Vinyl Siding Options

Sears premium vinyl siding is an ideal choice for any home. With premium vinyl siding, the color permeates the vinyl so you get color throughout the panel. Sears vinyl siding will give your home a freshly painted look for years to come. Unlike some other lower grades of siding, Sears vinyl siding will not crack, blister, flake or warp.

Vinyl siding from Sears has a wood grain texture and matte finish that looks like real wood, but without the maintenance. In fact you may never have to paint your home again.

Vinyl Siding from Sears is a good choice because it looks great for as long as you own your home. Vinyl siding has excellent insulation properties and is virtually maintenance free. Comes in an array of colors and will not dent, corrode, peel or flake like aluminum or wood siding

Find out about premium vinyl siding from Sears, American’s largest home improvement services provider.

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