Vinyl Siding Tips
How to choose a siding provider

By James Golden

When you are choosing vinyl siding for your home, there are a number of variables that you must consider.

Vinyl Siding Colors & Styles

Most importantly, what color and style do you want?

Vinyl siding is available in a wide spectrum of colors and profiles. You can choose from a wide swath of colors from bright tones to subdued hues. There are also many different profiles available, from styles resembling traditional wood clapboard to more contoured Dutch lap designs.

Vinyl siding is made with a grain in order to more closely resemble wood, and you can choose the type of grain you want. Narrower grains are less noticeable and are perfect for both traditional housing designs as well as newer architectures, while wider grains create a rougher, less refined look.

Weather and Vinyl Siding

Another variable is the climate in which your home is located.

Are high winds or hail common? If so, you might want to think about choosing a heavier gauge, or thickness, for your siding. Heavier siding also lies flatter against a wall and looks better than thinner siding. The extra durability and better appearance do come at a price, though.

Ask for Design Consulting Help

Some providers offer services like a design consultant to help you pick the best style for your home or a computer visualization tool that allows you to see your house with different types of siding on it. You can also hire a certified installer or do it yourself.

If you keep these factors in mind when shopping for siding, you’ll be on the right track to finding the perfect vinyl siding for your house.

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