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Theories of the golem

Kabbalah's Secret Circles by Robert ZuckerNew book on the legends and history of Kabbalah and the Book of Creation, Kabbalah's Secret Circles! Read some of the chapters and download a free PDF sample of the book to preview. This page contains notes from the book.

By Robert Zucker

The first major point of the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation or Book of Formation) is the symbolism of the single GD. Wisdom and deep thinking seats the "creator on His throne." It calls Him to His proper place in man. He transends all numbers and all expression and is represented by the faithful king journeying through eternity on His Holy Seat.

The other major point is the THEORY or DOCTRINE OF EMANATION of the Sephiroth.

All elements evolve from one another and they become more material as they recede fromt their common origin. This theory also contends the world  was evolved from nothing. As "The end is tied to their beginning as flame to fire-brand. Lord is One, there is no second. What will you count before the One?"

The letters and energies they represent are ordained, formed, combined, and interchanged, and used to seal space and time with the name of Gd.

According to the Sefer Yetzirah: "for what is material comes out of "thin" air, substancce from the void, for air is the energy of the fundamental element "A".


Accordng to the Sefer Yetzirah, there is a variation in male and female with a different order of letters as to the spirit, A and M.

None is given for Sh. Both cases, the word embodying the feminine order had a negative conotation, A Sh M (guilt or desolation), M Sh A (burden or debt). (Friedman)

Several manuscripts give exact instructions about the order of these vocalizations. One prescribed order of the alphabet produces a male being, another a femal; a reversal of these orders turns the golem back to dust .

Letter permutations are a door to the most profound depths. Through them he can discern the depth of Widsom, and the wonder of creation of everything that was formed, each thing according to its kind. He can also discern the structure of every merkava, and the mystery of every male and female.

There is no physical difference between woman and man except certain external and internal organs. Anatomy teaches us that the female genital are but the inverted male ones.

(AP) All human embryos start as as female, but researchers say they found the genetic switch in the Y chromosome that triggers the series of biological changes on the path to manhood. Report published by Dr. Michael Weiss of Univcersity of Chicago.

The book expresses this thus:

"Man is Aleph, Mem, Shin;

Woman is Alef, Shin, Mem. (3.5)

the wheel turns forwards and backwards; nothing better above than pleasure, nothing worse tbelow than injury. This means that the letter groups, Aleph, Gimmel, 'Ayn (2.2) are always the same, only differently grouped, just as the rising and setting of the sphere remain stationary, only appearing to us to move forwards and backwards.

The book says "The word is Gd" But the word is made up of letters. If one knows the law of the letters and the forces behind them, all riddles can be solved. The book says there are 22 letters and 10 numbers (sefirah). Altogether there are 32 signs, all stemming from Gd, each with its own specialty. The 10 sefiroth were used to make the world. The 22 letters were divided into 3 groups: 3 mothers, 7 doubles, 12 simples.

The Sefiroth is ruled by the king from His Holy Seat. They appear as the instruments of creation and servents of the King by "going forth and returning, falling prostrate before the Throne."

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