Southeastern Arizona

and Rep. Jim Kolbe

By Kathleen Shull

Southeastern Arizona is a place like no other. The San Pedro River with its northerly flow and majestic Cottonwoods lining its banks is one of the first thoughts I have when I think of a place called home.

The surrounding environs are high desert plateaus called the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts which ease upwards to at least a dozen different mountains chains that line the horizon.

The Huachucas, Dragoons, Whetstones and Rincon Mountains are often powdered with snow in the winter and sometimes they are seen with huge fires burning out of control hot seasons. The fires are often caused by careless tourists throwing cigarettes into dry brush or summer thunderstorms, when bolts of lightning strike, where little moisture but lots of brush, catches fire.

There are four essays I would like to share with visitors to this site. In particular, a long interview with Congressman Jim Kolbe, who in his ninth term, has represented southeastern Arizona's District 5 for 17 years. He grew up on a ranch between Sonoita and Patagonia in Santa Cruz County after moving here with his parents and siblings.



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Congressman Jim Kolbe

Kolbe Interview

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