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Poynter.org: Posted April 24, 2000, Honeymoon Underway for Tampa's Media Marriage


Kent State's 21st Century Journalism Curriculum


Converged Media: IDENTITY AND COMMITMENT WITHIN A NEWSROOM, Dan W. Peterson and Scott Hammond, Brigham Young University


Convergence | the journal of research into new media technologies


Technology Planning (from Apple Computers):


PC World.cpm "Why Fight? Print, Web Publishing Merges" (9/1/99)


New Media and Convergence http://excellent.com.utk.edu/~bates/convrg.html How print media and TV utilize the Internet with links to British and US publications.

Columbia Journalism Review http://www.cjr.org/

The Multimedia Newsroom-- May/June 2000

Editor and Publisher http://www.mediainfo.com/ephome/

Convergence in Kansas See More news about Interactive Newspapers on the E&P News Page. Online News Industry News & Analysis Preparing Students for Media Convergence By Steve Outing

The Center for the Study of Technology and Society: Convergence


Convergence Book Contents http://www.msu.edu/~steinfie/convergence.html

CONVERGENCE: INTEGRATING MEDIA, INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION by Thomas Baldwin D. Stevens McVoy & Charles Steinfield Department of Telecommunication Michigan State University

Cypress College: A Convergence; Journalism Program, Robert R. Mercer


New Media Explosion Creates Jobs (3/22/99)


Webcam /VideoConference

VideoConferencing links from Netconference

Webcam Setup from Netconference

WebCam Software Links for PC, Macintosh and Palm OS

Sitecam http://www.nuspectra.com/products/sitecam/index.htm

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