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Benton Communication Best practices toolkit for non profits: http://www.benton.org/Practice/Toolkit/

Internet NonProfit.org: http://www.nonprofit-info.org/

Philanthropy Search: http://www.philanthropysearch.com/tools.html

IRS Information for Tax-Exampt Organizations

Grants and Related Resources

NonProfit Gateway A network of links to federal government information
and services.

Getting Grants: Resources for Grant Writers

Search government notices of funding availability: http://ocd.usda.gov/nofa.htm

Search for a private foundation's tax return

Grants Information Center Utah State Valley College: http://www.uvsc.edu/grants/

The Foundation Center

National Society of Fund Raising Executives

Society for Nonprofit Organizations

Technology Grant News

Exchange Programs

Office of Citizen Exchanges

National Council for International Visitors

Requests for Proposals: US Office of Education and Cultural Affairs

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