Internet Resources


Keep Up to Date with Versions: versiontracker.com

Download Drivers: http://shareware.about.com/

Track IP Adresses: visualtracking.symantic.com

Chat Groups

Excite People & Chat


ARIN.net WHO IS? Database Lookup (domains and IP)
DNS LookUp Who Is?from akweb.com
InterNic Interface for WhoIs?

WWW Finger Gateway check whose online


Internet2 Home Page

News Group Postings

Deja NewsŽÊ


Search Engines, Yellow Pages, Directories, Maps etc.

Multi-Media on the Web

Internet Explorer and Virtual Explorer Windows-based 3D and multi-media
Java: the software to add more multi-media to your computer.
JavaWorld On-Line Newsletter
Microsoft Home Page
Prognet Home of RealAudio and RealVideo
SunWorld On-Line magazine.
ShockWave free browser to view multimedia on the Internet.

Web Broadasting Radio & TV

MacOsarchives.com web cam software

Cable Modems

Cable modem Resources on the Net


Interesting Things Connected to the Web directory from Yahoo
"Off The Net" Netscape's links to new uses of the Internet

Telephony & Internet Telephone software

CoolTalk beta many platforms. Talk across the Internet with Netscape 3.0
Cypress Research Corp. maker of MegaPhone and PhonePro. Windows & Mac.
Macintosh Telephony (article from Byte magazine)
Supra/Diamond Communications SupraSonic Voice Mail, 56k modems
Using the Internet as a Telephone
Free World Gateway dial up a phone from the Internet
VocalTec, the Internet Phone Company with free download for Mac/Windows


BT Technology Journal- Speech Technology
Speech Recognition sites from Stanford University
Apple Speech Technology
Using Speech Manager from Apple (Sound on the Macintosh)


Audio Review (reviews of audio products)

Commerce on the Internet

MasterCard SET


SimCity Home Page (Maxis.com)

PalmPilot links

PC Online Catalogs


Matt's Script Archives

The CGI Resource Index

CGI Programming 101 - Learn CGI Today!

PC Publications on line

Automatic Brain Control

Control your PC with your brain: IBVA.com

EKG/EEG Macintosh Hardware and Software Project

Mac EKG/EEG Website

BioControl Systems, Inc Manufacturer a biofeedback device, the BioMuse.

Celestial Calendars: http://www.calendarzone.com/Celestial/

Time/Clock Software: http://www.harrold.org/rfhextra/y2kclock.html

ZioCorp: http://www.ziocorp.com/support/Microtech_Downloads.htm

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