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To watch 3D movies in theaters, 3D glasses are still needed. 3D movie technology- even though it's over 100 years old- still relies on glasses with special lenses to simulate a three dimensional viewing experience.

3-D movies in 2009 were poluar hits. In 2010, several new movies and animations filmed in 3D will be released, such as Toy Story 3 in 3D. The movie theaters provide free 3D glasses for use while watching the film. Read more about 3D movies in the home.

3D Glasses for IMAX

3D Polarized glasses are for use in IMAX movie theatres only at this time. They ca't be used for viewing IMAX films at home.

For home viewing, other types of 3D glasses are needed to connect to a PC or HDTV.

By bringing your own 3D glasses to the IMAX theatre you avoid using worn or scratched lenses.

Linear Polarized Glasses are the general purpose glasses used for polarized projection of slide shows, multi-media displays, concerts, movies, simulator rides, and viewing vectographs.

Linear polarized glasses have the left and right axis at 45 degrees and 135 degrees (perpendicular to each other), and a standard transmission of 37%. FInd out more about Linear Polarized 3D Glasses for IMAX movies and 3D Display.

3D Super Bowl ad for Monsters vs. Aliens is a sign of the mainstreaming of 3D

3D films are a hot topic -- they're doing great at the box office -- they make more money for the studios and moviegoers are more inclined to go to see 3D films than the 2D equivalent.

But consumer interest in 3D extends beyond the movie theater and into the home.  Once consumers have seen a film in 3D, they want the same kind of experience in their living room.

Like consumers, the studios want 3D in the homes as well -- it creates a secondary distribution avenue and revenue stream.  3D was one of top 3 stories at CES (e.g.  But until the technologies we saw all over CES this year hit the mainstream, the world needs bridge technologies to allow for enhanced experiences on existing TVs. 

This past holiday season, we saw ‘Hannah Montana,’  ‘Polar Express,’ and ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ on BluRay encoded in anaglyph (red/cyan) 3D. 

That technology is almost 100 years old, and its age shows -- paling in comparison to today's 3D tech.  But the studios are doing what they can to satisfy the consumer demand for 3D.”  -- David Wertheimer, Executive Director of The Entertainment Center @ USC (

Toy Story in 3D

The release of the 2010 Toy Story in 3D adds another movie title that provides digital animation with 3D technology. Watch a movie trailer and read more about Toy Story 3.

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Linear Polarized 3D Glasses for IMAX movies and 3D Display

Terminator Style - Polarized Glasses are for IMAX theater viewing only. These Linear Polarized Lenses are available in a superior quality, Terminator-style black plastic frame. These glasses wrap around for that really "cool" look. These reusable plastic polarized glasses with folding temples, feature superior quality 10-ml polarizer film. Polarized glasses contain light gray filters for viewing slide shows, multi-media displays, concerts, movies, and ride simulators.

Plastic 3D Glasses - Proview Professional Clip-On. Handy flip-up style that fits over most corrective lenses. Optical quality, cast acrylic lenses tinted to exacting color standards. Eliminates ghost images & other annoying visual distortions. Choose Proview Professional Clip-On 3D Glasses for viewing the recently released 3D movies on DVD and Blue Ray Disk like Friday the 13th part 3, 3D, Hannah motana 3D, Polar Express, Shrek 3D and Barbie 3D, Spy Kids 3D Game Over and The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl.

Superior Anaglyph 3D Lenses for watching the latest 3D Movies. Clip On Design to fit over your glasses! Our Superior Lenses virtually eliminate Crosstalk. Comes With 4 Free Pairs of Paper 3D Glasses! Great for all blu rays and DVD movies that require Red/Cyan Lenses like Friday the 13th part 3, 3D. Movies are for example only.