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These web sites have great information on virtual reality, VRML, VR goggles and glasses, and other VR equipment. Home entertainment is the next frontier for VR. Build your own 3d goggle glasses easily with a computer, graphics card and off the shelf 3d goggles. Follow with us as we build our own VR setup for the coming year. These links are the start of our research and study into the best and hottest items.

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Head Mounted Displays (HMD)

Links to information on Virtual Reality headgear or headsets (goggles), other commercial VR equipment and web sites. EMOL has not purchased from these companies and they are not affiliates of our site. We will be further evaluating each company for our own purchase of HMDs.

  • Ascension Technologies: makes magnetic, optical, inertial and hybrid motion-tracking devices for 3D computer graphics interaction, animation and medical imaging.
  • iGlasses: HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) create the illusion of a 70 inch image appearing 13 feet in front of the viewer. Virtual FX brings the power of 3D right into your own living room. Converts any standard 2D video into Stereoscopic 3D. More VR products.
  • Mindflux: Virtual Reality Distributor: wide range of products, specialising in the peripherals used at the cutting edge of Virtual Reality, including head-mounted displays, input devices,  head, limb and body tracking devices and all the equipment required for the production and viewing of stereoscopic 3D movies. AU.
  • NuVision LC glasses for stereoscopic visualization on computers.
  • Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality Homepage: Market of surveys of 3D glasses, VR-helmets, 3d software.
  • RealD StereoGraphics CrystalEyes workstations
  • more to be added for research!


VRML is Virtual Reality Modeling Language, the computer coding that makes it possible to view virtual reality worlds on the Internet and through software programs. Links are being reviewed for posting soon. Previous links were outdated.

Augmented Reality

Personal/Commercial Sites:

Virtual Reality
Entertainment Magazine


Linear Polarized 3D Glasses for IMAX movies and 3D Display

These glasses are for use in IMAX movie theatres and NOT for viewing IMAX films at home. For home viewing, other types of glasses are needed. By bringing your own glasses to the IMAX theatre you avoid having to use worn or scratched lenses, thus making your experience at the theatre more enjoyable.

Terminator Style - Polarized Glasses Our Linear Polarized Lenses are available in a superior quality, Terminator-style black plastic frame. These glasses wrap around for that really "cool" look. These reusable plastic polarized glasses with folding temples, feature superior quality 10-ml polarizer film. Polarized glasses contain light gray filters for viewing slide shows, multi-media displays, concerts, movies, and ride simulators.

Linear Polarized Glasses are the general purpose glasses used for polarized projection of slide shows, multi-media displays, concerts, movies, simulator rides, and viewing vectographs. Linear polarized glasses have the left and right axis at 45 degrees and 135 degrees (perpendicular to each other), and a standard transmission of 37%.

I-O Display
I-glasses PC HR - 3D glasses

Recommended for any multi-user application, i-glasses PC HR is a portable, affordable, high resolution, computer monitor in a compact, 7 oz package that fits comfortably on your head. Big stereo sound through built-in private speakers completes the experience.

The all-new i-glasses PC HR is plug and play compatible with virtually all computer systems including PC's, laptops and even some popular PDAs. Images are sharp, clear, rich and vibrant. This one incredible product provides a single viewing solution for a whole new generation of computing and PDA devices. i-glasses PC HR, for working on the road or relaxation, it's a great experience you have got to try. Weight: 7 ounces.

Features: true 800x600 resolution, includes vga connection and power supply, plug and play compatible.

Brand Name: I-O Display
Model: PC HR
Hardware Platform: PC

E-D Wireless
3D Glasses for the PC

Become immersed in unbelievably real 3D gaming and graphic environments as our patented stereoscopic 3D glasses instantly create a truly 3-dimensional viewing experience with all of your favorite gaming titles. You have to see to believe--thrills guaranteed! The E-DTM 3-D glasses instantly convert virtually all of your existing PC video game titles into true 3D. That means a real sense of depth and distance as you're taking aim at the enemy battalion approaching, trying to find the apex of the next turn, or coming in for a carrier landing in your F-14. It's why so many customers report improved game play performance when using our glasses in addition to stunning scenery and visuals. Installation is a snap with no USB or serial ports required and nothing internal. Just install our patented software one time, plug in our adapter to any standard PC, and we guarantee you'll experience the best gaming graphics EVER. Using an infrared transmitter for wire-free operation of the glasses, this system provides superior ease-of use. A dual-emitter transmitter is utilized to give the widest viewing angle and range available and is used to beam a signal to perfectly synchronize the refresh rate of your monitor with your glasses. Additional users need only an additional set of eyewear to simultaneoThe glasses use standard inexpensive lithium cell batteries found at any electronics store and provide 50-100 hours of usage (included). Comes with glasses, video synchronization adapter, infra-red transmitter, and our special software CD to turn your games into amazing 3Dusly view 3D

• Adjust size easily for superior comfort
• 50-100 hours of wireless 3D (batteries included)
• 10' (3m) wireless range
• Toggle 3D gaming mode on and off with the touch of a button
• Exclusive support for all video cards and both CRT and LCD monitors.

Quicktime Pro

Apple StoreUpgrade from the free version of Quicktime to the latest Quicktime Pro from Apple.

QuickTime 7 Pro for Mac OS X
QuickTime 7 Pro for Windows
QuickTime 6 Pro for Mac OS and Mac OS X

QT MPEG-2 Playback - Windows
QT MPEG-2 Playback - Mac OS X
QT MPEG-2 Playback - Mac OS 9

Create Podcasts with Quicktime Pro

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