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Enjoy swimming with Dolphins in Mexico

By Tarek Khaleel 

The tall palm trees and crisp breezes of Mexico have always been a magnet for tourism for countless decades.

Back to nature is a term for a reason and it is signified nowhere else better then Mexico, besides the tourist cities within Mexico actually lays a paradise of beautiful beaches and serene settings to release the stress of any wary traveler. There are literally so many different activities you may choose from in Mexico, sky diving, rock climbing, Para sailing, bungee jumping just to list a few, but here is one that really stands out, a swim with the majestic dolphins. These beautiful aquatic creatures are the epitome of intelligence, agility, strength and playfully friendly demeanor. Every person, at least once in his or her life should experience a close personal encounter with a dolphin; it’s simply miraculous experience.

There are many different locations in Mexico where you can swim with the dolphins. Those places include Cancun/ Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Mayan Riviera/ Puerto Aventuras and finally Puerto Vallarta.  These locations are well spread out throughout the country and give travelers and tourists a good chance of swimming with the dolphin regardless of what region of Mexico they are in.  Each of these locations is unique and significant in their own right, both aesthetically and practically.  Each has different packages and activities, pricing and requirements that need to be distinguished and pointed out so that customers may understand which is ideal for their situation.

Swim with Dolphins in Mexico

Dolphin swimming in Cancun

To begin a closer look at the all the locations, the swim with the dolphins Cancun is first on the list. Cancun lies at the northern edge of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula on the Caribbean coast, about 800 miles east of Mexico City. The city occupies an island and nearby portions of the mainland. It is an internationally famous seaside resort and of late has especially been gaining attention as a popular swim with dolphin’s location. Actually the dolphin facility is on a small coastal Island called Isla Mujeres. The round trip ferry transportation from Cancun to Isla Mujeres is included in the price of your dolphin program, not to mention beach and pool time at the facility. The Three main dolphin programs in Cancun and all the locations include the Dolphin Royal Swim, Dolphin Swim Adventure and the Dolphin Encounter. 

The Dolphin Royal Swim is by far the very best swim package offered, you receive a 45-minute swim with the dolphins, the longest possible time available, where in that period of time you are able to pet the dolphins, interact with them, kiss them, hug them and do what’s called the dorsal tow, where you actually take a hold of the dorsal fin of the dolphin and it will pull you across the water. In addition to that, you receive the exclusive foot push ride, which is where two dolphins simultaneously come underneath your feet and push you up and through the air, simulating flight.  Needless to say this is the best swim activity you can purchase for all the Mexican locations and for a very affordable price. However it is important to note that there are restrictions and requirements, especially if bringing young children, all participants must be eight years and older, or at least three feet eleven inches tall to participate. Anyone eight to twelve years of age must have a paid adult participant in the water with him or her at all times. Finally pregnant women are not allowed to do this swim or any of the dolphin programs.

Another Swim activity in Cancun is the Dolphin Swim Adventure; this activity is less expensive than the Royal swim and still packs a good bang for your buck. In Dolphin Swim Adventure you receive a thirty-minute swim activity with the dolphins, where like the royal swim you are able to touch them, pet them, interact with them and do at least one ride with the dolphin, either a dorsal tow ride or a peck fin ride.

You do not receive the foot push in the Dolphin Swim Adventure. Restrictions and regulations are identical to the Royal Swim. This activity is a medium priced activity and while not having every perk as the Royal Swim, still gives you a lot for your money, a great overall experience with the dolphins. It is definitely a good cost effective alternative to the Royal Swim.

Lastly, there is the Dolphin Encounter, this activity is different from the first two in that it is entirely a shallow water encounter, you are only petting and touching the dolphin in waist deep water, no swimming involved, for the thirty-minute period interaction time. The big difference of this dolphin interaction is the requirements, any one from 1 year old and up can enjoy this program, and however, a paying adult participant must accompany any one from 1-7 years of age. For the Dolphin Encounter, the price here is significantly less than the first two dolphin programs offered. It is meant more for young children, non-swimmers, and price conscience consumers who just want a playful time with the dolphins without too much physical activity in a safe water environment. This is the most affordable packaged offered and gives a different experience than the other two dolphin programs.

Dolphin swimming in Cozumel

Another location to discuss for swimming with dolphin is in Cozumel. Cozumel, Mexico, an island in the Caribbean Sea about 10 miles off the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is also a hot spot for tourist and cruise ship passengers.  The dolphin swim activities in Cozumel are actually very similar to that of Cancun, it is broken up into the Dolphin Royal Swim, Dolphin Swim Adventure and Dolphin Encounter programs. Regulations and restrictions are identical to Cancun, and you also receive access to Chankanaab National Park. This park in Cozumel and allow you many different fun activities and experiences, from snorkeling, beaches, and Mayan exhibits. This beautiful park is included in the price of the dolphin interaction. But the real kicker here and to the delight of customers especially, is the price, which is actually cheaper than in Cancun, less prices, same exhilaration, a very enticing deal.

Swim with dolphins in the Mayan Riviera

Another vibrant Mexico location to discuss is the Mayan Riviera/ Puerto Aventuras swim with the dolphins program.  Stretching from Punta Brava just south of Cancun International Airport to Punta Allen just south of Tulum exists one of the most fascinating destination spots in the world, tropical beaches, ancient ruins, abundant marine and wildlife abound. The Great Mayan Reef is the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere. And in this lush beautiful environment contains another wonderful avenue for a swim with the dolphins adventure. One of the big advantages of coming to this location is because of its close proximity to Playa Del Carmen, the largest tourist town in the area. Playa Del Carmen hosts many beautiful all-inclusive resorts and Puerto Aventuras is only a 10-minute taxi ride from Playa del Carmen.  In the Mayan Riviera location, like the others before has a similar set up, has the Dolphin Royal Swim, followed by a lower cost alternative the Dolphin Swim Adventure and finally the Dolphin Encounter, a interaction with the dolphins in shallow water.

Dolphin swimin Puerto Vallarta

Finally we come to our last location, the swim with the dolphins Puerto Vallarta. . This West Coast Mexican location is known for tropical-forested mountains and mineral-rich volcanic slopes, which appear to literally rise from the sea and 100 miles of mountain-ringed golden coastline hugs the stunningly beautiful Bay of Banderas. The country’s broadest and deepest natural bay, the Bay of Banderas teems with aquatic life that many visitors will likely discover on an eco-tour. The bay’s many blessings - dozens of beaches, sparkling sunshine and clear blue water ideal for snorkeling and swimming are sheer magnets for visitors. In addition of the dolphin swim venue, which definitely does not hurt the tourism coming in to Puerto Vallarta, it makes this region a perfect place vacation choice.

For Puerto Vallarta there are three main dolphin programs you can choose from, the Dolphin Royal Swim, the Dolphin Swim Adventure, and the Dolphin Encounter, all include entrance to Sea Life Park, Mexico. This park makes the setup for Puerto Vallarta a little different from the others locations, not in terms of the general dolphin activity, but in the different types of other activities offered and pricing. The bonus activities you get here are the dolphin show, sea lion show, bird show, waterslides, swimming pools, and other activities for the day. Price wise for this particular activity it is the same as other Mexico location. However as one may discern that Puerto Vallarta has a much wider variety of activities than other locations previously mentioned.

To sum up Mexico is a place of great adventure and mystique. It draws countless millions of tourists each year for its natural awe inspiring landscape, lush serene environments, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. It is a culture that will absorb and consume you. It is infectious with fun, laughter and filled with a lifetime of unparalleled experiences, especially so when considering swimming with the dolphins. These creatures that provoke the human psyche and initiate the feeling of happiness and peaceful tranquility. It is no wonder that these dolphin swim locations are becoming some of the most popular choices in Mexico and will continue to do so for years to come.

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