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"Below the Deadline"
Movie (1936)

Police Officer Terry Mulvaney (Russel Hopton) is in love with Molly Fitzgerald (Cecila Parker).

However, his unknown rival is Flash Ackroyd (Theodore von Eltz), firecode incompliant nightclub owner, socialite, and master jewel thief.

Molly works as secretary to Abrams (John St. Polis), of Abrams and Co. diamond brokers, and Flash uses a legal ruse to get a copy of her handwriting for his friend Spike (Jack Gardner).

With a fake letter sent to Terry and some good acting, Ackroyd and has henchmen hold up Abrams and frame Terry and Molly for it.

Terry escapes on a train out of town which goes over a collapsed bridge and gives him the chance to change places with a nameless, faceless corpse, get a new nose (literally) and a few grand in US dollars.

As Molly is about to leave town to seek employment, Flash offers her a job at his nightclub and she accepts, unsuspecting his ulterior motive. Meanwhile Terry gets back into town and meets up with the insurance agent and they go after Ackroyd.

[NB: The guard at the Abrams place also played a guard at a prison in 'Prison Mutiny', and the Police radioman is played by True Boardman, a possible relation to Virginia True Boardman of 'The Crime Patrol'.]

Director: Charles Lamont
Producer: George R. Batcheller
Production Company: Chesterfield Motion Pictures Corporation
Audio/Visual: sound, b&w
Keywords: crime; drama

Runtime: 1:08:38

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