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"Call of the Yukon" (1938)

In "Call of the Yukon" (1938), the locals fear "Swift Lightning", a half dog-half wolf that leads a vicious wolf pack. To escape the merciless winter and the wolf pack, the entire village leaves on a boat brought there by the local white trader, Hugo (Lyle Talbot.) He, in love with Jean, vainly attempts to persuade her to leave also. The only other person that stays is trapper Gaston Rogers (Richard Arlen.)

The plot comes to a grinding halt for a while showing Jean playing with her other companions, Firefly, Winkey and two bear cubs. Swift Lightning comes to the village prowling for food, finds love instead with Firefly, the Collie, and they depart for the hills. Conditions worsen and Jean and Gaston are forced to leave, but she insists they go by way of Nenana to see the gigantic yearly ice-break, which is somewhat akin to jumping from the frying pan into the fire, but they had all this footage shot by Norman Dawn which would have gone to waste otherwise.

As expected, in such situations, the ice breaks earlier than usual, and Jean and Gaston are caught in the flow, losing their dogs and sled. A wandering trapper finds Gaston's sled, and Hugo sends a search plane from Nenana, and instructions are dropped telling of a deserted cabin nearby.

Jean and Gaston find the cabin, and so does Swift Lightning and Firefly. And Hugo and his St. Bernard, Buck (played by Buck) also show up. A double triangle of love problems soon develops between the humans (Jean, Hugo and Gaston) and the animals (Swift Lightning, Firefly and Buck), with Hugo and Buck the early betting-line favorites but one would do better to take the odds and bet on Gaston and Swift Lightning, or go back and check on which human and which animal was billed above the others.Download free movie and images from archive.org

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Directed by
B. Reeves Eason
John T. Coyle (co-director)
Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
William Bartley
James Oliver Curwood
novel Swift Lightning
Gertrude Orr

Cast (in credits order)
Richard Arlen....Gaston Rogers
Beverly Roberts ....Jean Williams
Lyle Talbot ....Hugo Henderson
Mala ....Olee John
Garry Owen ....Conner
Ivan Miller ....O'Malley
Jimmy Lono ....Topek (as James Lono)
Emory Parnell ....Swenson, Swedish trapper
Billy Dooley ....Watchman
Al St. John ....Joe
Charles Anthony Hughes ....Bill (as Anthony Hughes)
Nina Campana ....Knudka

Production Company: Republic Pictures
Audio/Visual: sound, b&w

Run time: 1:06:29

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