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This collection of free cartoon movies can be watched online or downloaded to your computer and transferred to a mobile device. There is no charge to play or download these cartoons. But, if you want to stream these cartoons on a cell phone connection, read more about mobile players to avoid cell phone charges.

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All of these films are children friendly and absolutely free for kids of all ages. EMOL.org (Entertainment Magazine) links to dozens of classic American-produced cartoons are now in the public domain. No registration or subscription is required to play or own these cartoon movies. Find out more about watch and downloading cartoons in the Free Movie FAQ.

The Entertainment Magazine (EMOL.org) has been a legitimate and legal resource of free movies for over nine years. EMOL.org is one of the oldest web sites on the Internet- online since 1995.

This collection of free cartoon movies has been converted to digital video. The picture and sound quality may vary, depending on the original print.

These movies are linked from reliable public domain sources that store free public content.

Watch free cartoons

To watch a cartoon movie online, select a title from the Cartoon Movies Catalog (left).

On each title page, is a movie screen that can be started by clicking the triangle in the middle or the play button. The movie can be expanded to fill the entire screen with the arrow control at the bottom of the movie screen. Watch movies from Warner Bros., Disney and other popular cartoon animation comapnies. Find out more how to watch free cartoon movies online.

Download free cartoons

If you don't want to watch these cartoons now, most movies can be downloaded to your computer to play at a later time. They can then be synched to your mobile device.

Usually, all movies will play on most computers and laptops. These videos can be played by teachers in classrooms and used in some commercial purposes. Check the status of each film.

EMOL.org links to the source providers to access the original versions. Read more how to download free cartoons.

Watching movies on mobile devices

Watching any streaming movie using a cellular network may occur extra charges!

Cellular cost for streaming video on an iPad, iPhone or Android is expensive. The free option is to download the movie first.

The best option is to download the movie on your PC, then synch it to your mobile device to watch later offline. A Wi-Fi connection, however, usually will not cause extra charges on your device. Read more about how to watch and download cartoons for mobile players.

Once downloaded, transfer - or synch- the cartoon to mobile devices, MP3 players, Androids, iPods, iPads and iPhones. Some mobiles devices and tablets require certain formats (MPEG) in order to play.

3D Loony Tunes cartoons

The first Looney Toons cartoon short will be seen with "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore;" the second with "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole," and the third with "Yogi Bear."

Read about the history of American cartoons.

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New features to watch cartoons online

Many of these cartoon movies use a new code now found in many browsers to provide quick streaming video without any special software.

Adjustments can now be made to increase the size of the screen to full screen. This expands the movie to the size of your monitor or television set. If the movie can be downloaded, there is a link directly to the download source.

Since Flash videos don't play on Apple mobile products, users have to download the video file, then convert it to a format that can be viewed on an Apple mobile, then synch it with an iPhone, iPod or iPad. So, Apple is behind a new HTML format that allows videos to play full screen on a mobile device without any special software.

Our cartoon movie online collection continues to grow with new titles and serial installments being added often. These classic cartoons and animated movies can be downloaded, edited and freely distributed since they are in the public domain. For more information, read our Free Movie FAQ.

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