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CHarlie Chaplin

The original Charlie Chaplin films are available in the public domain since the copyright has long expired. The following approved links access the Charlie Chaplin free movie catalog at archive.org- a legitimate source of free movies and cartoons that you can watch online through their website or download to play later on your computer or mobile device.

No registration or subscription is required to watch or download these free films.

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How to watch free movies online

Choose a movie title and a new browser window will open at archive.org's web site- the Internet's community digital public domain library. These are the most popular Chaplin fims available and all are in the public domain without any copyright.

Select a Download Option to play the movie in either MPEG4, OGG or Torrent formats. When the movie is finished playing, you can save it to your hard drive. If streaming or downloading a movie with a mobile device, be aware of celluar charges unless you use Wi-Fi. Read more about free movies and mobile devices.

Many of these motion pictures are digital reproductions and can be played online and downloaded without cost since the copyright on the films have expired. Read more about watching and downloading free movies (FAQ).


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