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Dragnet- The Big Seventeen

Dragnet Joe Friday"Dragnet" has endured a half century of TV reruns. In the 1950's, it was a popular cops and robbers show with the memorable "This is the city, Los Angeles, California..."

In this episode from November 6, 1952, Sergeant Joe Friday investigates the destruction of a movie theater by a gang a teenagers!

Dragnet Joe FridayThe cops find a small box containing marijuana and put two-and-two together- the reefer is making the kids go wild! Turns out that teenage Johnny is pushing weed, yellow jackets, goof balls and "H." His friend tells the police- ”but it's too late...Johnny takes a hot shot and ODs!

This episode has some sound qualoty problems. You will need to increase your computer sound levels or use an amplification resource.

This episode also contains the original TV commercials from the 1950s.

Audio/Visual: sound, color
Keywords: dragnet; drugs; classic television; film noir; crime
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Runtime: 31 minutes

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Dragnet (1987)

Starring: Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks

Director: Tom Mankiewicz

The line between parody and tribute can be hard to draw, but any marginally hip baby boomer who ever watched Jack Webb's straight-laced Detective Joe Friday caught a glimmer of the comedic vein waiting to be mined beneath Dragnet's gritty Los Angeles streets. In 1987 moviegoers had yet to be crushed under the weight of the 1990s TV remake mania, and Dragnet comes off as fresh and funny. Dan Aykroyd plays Joe Friday, the straight-arrow nephew of Webb's iconic cop. This part was made for him (in fact, he's given top writing credit), and under his steely exterior you can tell he's having a ball delivering those rapid-fire recitations of regulations and deadpan expressions of moral outrage. Tom Hanks plays Pep Streebek, the laissez-faire narco agent who is Friday's new partner. Their assignment: bust the Pagans, a wild-and-woolly gang of dope fiends, deadbeats, and beatniks behind a bewildering array of bizarre robberies. Hilarity ensues. Friday and Streebek outfox a corrupt televangelist (Christopher Plummer), bicker over chili dogs and cigarettes, alternately revile and fawn over a porn millionaire (Dabney Coleman), wrestle a 30-foot-long anaconda, and rescue the virgin Connie Swail--the only girl capable of stealing Friday's heart. --Grant Balfour, Amazon.com..

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