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Elizabeth Taylor in "Father's Little Dividend"

This classic 1951 movie stars Spencer Tracy, Elizibeth Taylor and Billie Burke.

It is an entertaining movie that tells the tale of a grumpy, soon-to-be grandfather who does not look forward to the idea. Spencer Tracy is great in this film.

This is a sequel to "Father of the Bride" with the same cast.

Producer: MGM, Vincent Minnelli
Audio/Visual: sound, black & white

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"Father's Little Dividend" DVD (1951)

Also include "Last Time I Saw Paris"

A Felix The Cat Cartoon & Hollywood Home Movies included! Like Being At The Movies, Just Add Popcorn! Father's Little Dividend: Fun Filled, sentimental and insightful view of becoming a grandfather! The Last Time I Saw Paris: At theiend of WWII, a G.I. reporter and part-time struggling author falls head over heels in love with a rich American girl living in Paris.

• Studio: Krb Music
• DVD Release Date: April 4, 2006
• Run Time: 196 minutes

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