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"The Ghost Walks" (1934)

On a stormy night, a theatrical producer, his secretary, and playwright Prescott Ames are stranded when their car skids off the road and gets stuck. The three take refuge in the nearby home of Dr. Kent, a friend of Ames.

One of Kent's patients, who is staying at the house, is acting strangely, and the others in the house tell the newcomers that she is behaving this way because it is the anniversary of her husband's murder.

Runtime: 01:03:23

At dinner, the group begins exchanging accusations about the murder, when suddenly the lights go out, and soon afterwards comes the first in a series of mysterious and fearful events.

Summary written by Snow Leopard.

Directed by Frank R. Strayer

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Charles Belden

Story and continuity (as Charles S. Belden)

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Cast (in credits order)
John Miljan ....Prescott Ames
June Collyer....Gloria Shaw
Richard Carle ....Herman Wood
Henry Kolker ....Dr. Kent
Johnny Arthur ....Homer Erskine
Spencer Charters ....Professor Twitterly
Donald Kirke ....Terry Shaw aka Terry Gray
Eve Southern ....Beatrice
Douglas Gerrard....Carroway
Wilson Benge ....Jarvis
Jack Shutta....Head Guard
Harry Strang ....Guard

Producer: Maury M. Cohen
Production Company: Invincible Pictures Corp.
Audio/Visual: sound, b&w

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