"Great Guy" (1936)

Starring James Cagney

James Cagney plays the plucky Irish crusader, Johnny Cave, who fights against corruption at the Weights And Measures Department. James Cagney is great in this movie. It shows why he was such a huge movie star.

It's the New York Department of Weights and Measures vs. a systematic effort to cheat the public by giving them less product than they pay for...organized by crooked city alderman Marty Cavanaugh, who put the last chief deputy inspector in the hospital.

The new man, pugnacious Johnny Cave, steps on the toes of influential merchants and gets increasing pressure, both political and strong-arm, to desist. Will the luck (if not the pluck) of the Irish pull him through?

Producer: Grand National Pictures
Audio/Visual: sound, Black&White
Keywords: James Cagney; mystery; drama

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" Great Guy" DVD (1936)

Starring: James Cagney, Mae Clarke Director: John G. Blystone

The adventures of an investigator (Cagney) for the Bureau of Weights and Measures.

• Studio: Alpha Video
• DVD Release Date: November 18, 2003
• Run Time: 75 minutes

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