"Hell Ship Mutiny" (1957)

AN EXCITING STORY!.. Of Passionate Love...and High-Adventure in the South Pacific!

Jon Hall, who starred in several exotic adventure-romances with Dorothy Lamour and Maria Montez in the thirties and forties, seems to have had a dual purpose in making this rather retro sarong film.

One was to promote his new underwater movie equipment rental business (the plot provides for lots of shots of Jon and friends diving for pearls, engaging in underwater tussles, looking at fishies, etc.)

The other was to express a love that dared not speak its name, at least to Dorothy or Maria.

The lumpish Polynesian princess that's Jon's nominal love interest appears to take second place in his affections to a puckish little brown boy in an abbreviated pareu, and there's a lot more buff male bodies on display on his island paradise than the expected female ones.

As ever, however, the cutest item on display is Peter Lorre, in an all too brief comic turn as a visiting colonial circuit judge.

Jon Hall, John Carradine, Dorothy Lamour, Maria Montez, Peter Lorre, Mike Mazurki and Salty the Chimp

Producer: Lovina Productions
Audio/Visual: sound, black and white
Run time: 1:05:19

Director: Lee Sholem, Elmo Williams
Writers: Wells Root (screenplay)
DeVallon Scott (screenplay)
Release Date: 6 December 1957 (USA)
Genre: Adventure

Maria Montez profile

Movie Notes from imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050497/

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Dangerous Charter & Hell Ship Mutiny (1962) DVD

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Hell Ship Mutiny (1957) - While sailing to French Polynesia, Capt. Jim Knight (Hall) and his crew run afoul of a dangerous band of smugglers, led by the brutish Malone (Carradine). The thugs have enslaved the natives, forcing them to make extremely dangerous dives for prized deep-water pearls. Through courage and a little luck, Jim manages to overcome Malone and his gang, but as the sailor is soon to learn, the smugglers will not give up without a fight! Watch for Peter Lorre in a cameo role as a weary French commissioner, in this entertaining South Seas adventure.

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