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"His Double Life" (1933)

Run time: 1:32:04

Priam Farrel is a celebrated artist but a social recluse. When his valet dies of a sudden illness, a mix-up leads to the body being identified as Farrel's. The timid artist then assumes the identity of his former servant, but finds himself faced with constant dilemmas as a result.

Summary written by Snow Leopard (from

Directed by Arthur Hopkins

Writing credits Arnold Bennett
(play The Great Adventure)
Clara Beranger
(adaptation) & Arthur Hopkins (adaptation)

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete
Roland Young ....Priam Farrel
Lillian Gish ....Alice
Montagu Love ....Duncan Farrel
Lumsden Hare ....Oxford
Lucy Beaumont ....Mrs. Leek
Charles Richman ....Witt
Oliver Smith ....Leek Twin
Philip Tonge ....Leek Twin
Audrey Ridgewell ....Lady Helen
Regina DeValet

rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Charles Halton .... (uncredited)
Roland Hogue ....Henry Leek (uncredited)

Production Company: Eddie Dowling Pictures Corporation
Audio/Visual: sound, b&w

Keywords: comedy

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