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"His First Flame" (1927)

Fire chief Amos McCarthy (Vernon Dent), a confirmed misogynist, counsels his nephew Harry Howells (Harry Langdon) to avoid matrimony at all costs.

Still, the lovestruck Harry is determined to marry his sweetheart Ethel (Natalie Kingston). All that changes, though, when it turns out Ethel is a faithless gold-digger.

Disillusioned, Harry spends the night in his uncle's fire house to try and forget his troubles... until the clamor of a fire alarm presents the bumbling Harry with a chance to be a hero.

Summary written by Dan Navarro {daneldorado@yahoo.com} from imdb.com

Director: Harry Edwards
Producer: Mack Sennett
Production Company: Mack Sennett Comedies
Audio/Visual: sound, b&w 
Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Frank Capra
Al Giebler

Titles (as A.H. Giebler)
Arthur Ripley

Cast (in credits order)
Harry Langdon....Harry Howells
Natalie Kingston ....Ethel Morgan
Ruth Hiatt ....Mary Morgan
Vernon Dent ....Amos McCarthy
Bud Jamison ....Hector Benedict
Dot Farley....Mrs. Benedict
William McCall

rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Margaret Cloud
Evelyn Francisco
Christian J. Frank
Thelma Hill
Thelma Parr
Elsie Tarron

Keywords: comedy

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