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At the corner of Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood and Vine free movie"Hollywood and Vine" is a 1945 comedy classic about a young girl who arrives in Hollywood determined to become a star in the movies.

But, she finds that attaining stardom is a lot more difficult then she counted on.

However, she does become a star of sorts-- as the owner of a dog who DOES become a movie star.

High school kings and queens flock to Hollywood from all over the country looking for their big break.

They seek the attention of agents while spending what little cash they have on headshots and reels in vain attempts to get noticed.

These are the actors who have not made it and likely will not. Hollywood and Vine is an indictment of these actors' foibles at a party one night in the Hollywood Hills.

First we have CRISTINA ROSENBERG, a talented thespian with a mother's sincerity who is living out of her car.

RANDAL PISTOL is a jack-of-all-trades, always thinking of sex. His only rejection is when a girl won't spend the night with him.

SHEILA HOUSTON suffers from mild schizophrenia. Her drunken nuttiness forces her to be the center of attention.

WENDY HAYWORTH was once a well-known child actress whose mother, an ex-Hollywood starlet, has recently passed away. Finally, there is CHAD LEWIS whose 15-minutes of fame has gotten to his head. The true beginning of this film is not when the party has begun, but when it is over. It is when they are alone and no one is watching that we see them for what they truly are.

Summary written by amazon and frankfob2@yahoo.com, courtesy of idmb.com

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Cast overview, first billed only:
James Ellison ....Larry Winters
Wanda McKay....Martha Manning
June Clyde ....Gloria LaRue
Ralph Morgan ....B. B. Lavish, Studio Head
Franklin Pangborn ....Reggie, Drug Store Owner
Leon Belasco ....Cedrick Borris, the Director
Emmett Lynn....Mortimer M. 'Pop' Barkley
Vera Lewis ....Fanny, the Landlady
Karin Vengay ....Ann Morris (as Karin Lang)
Robert Greig ....Jenkins, the Butler
Charles Williams ....Chick Stone
Michael Romanoff ....Himself - owner of 'Romanoff's'
Ray Whitley ....Tex
Dewey Robinson....Mug ordering a Banana Surprise
Cyril Ring ....Attorney Richard Hudson

Also Known As:
Daisy Goes Hollywood (UK)

Run Time: 57:33

Creative Commons license: Public Domains

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Actors: Brandon Burkhart, Tamlin Hall, Brandelynn Turner, Ambur Lowenthall, Tenaya Cleveland. Directors: Eric Minh Swenson. Producers: Tenaya Cleveland, Eric Minh Swenson. Studio: Continuum Pictures. DVD Release Date: March 3, 2010. Run Time: 80 minutes

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