"Hook Line and Sinker" (1930)

Movie Plot Taken from IMDB: Two fast-talking insurance salesmen meet Mary, who is running away from her wealthy mother, and they agree to help her run a hotel that she owns.

When they find out that the hotel is run down and nearly abandoned, they launch a phony PR campaign that presents the hotel as a resort favored by the rich. Their advertising succeeds too well, and many complications soon arise.

Run time: 01:15:00

Starring: Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey Director: Edward F. Cline

Director: Edward F. Cline
Producer: William LeBaron
Production Company: RKO Radio Pictures
Audio/Visual: sound, black & white
Keywords: Comedy; Romance;
US Theatrical Release Date: December 26, 1930
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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"Hook Line and Sinker"
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