"Jen X" (2007)

Star Lindsey Warm as Jen X

Star Mike Buck as Eric Anslaw.

Daniel Smith jumping for joy over "Jen X."

Generation X

By Dan Smith

I recently made a movie short about Generation X.

In thirteen minutes I was able to accomplish showing a small glimpse of a broad subject.

I want to take this time now to talk about my generation.

This is the generation malaise:

"I am going to be rich tomorrow so what I do today doesn't matter".

(Photo left) Heather Smith and Jon Proudstar helped director Dan Smith to visualize the scene between Bruce and Jen X in the bedroom.

There is so much money in this world today. Everyone deserves there piece of the pie, which is always a day away. So all the drinking, druging, fucking, disrespecting, yelling, lying, cheating, apologizing, whining, and bitching that we do today is merely a prelude to the lottery ticket win of tomorrow.

The term (lottery) can actually mean lottery or it can be a lawsuit or it can be idenity theft or it can be taping underage girls taking off their clothes, but it can not be the result of hard work because that goes aginst the Generation X maliase.

This is the Generation X mantra:

"Since today does not matter because I will be rich tomorrow, I don't have to care about anything."

Mantra's are not suppose to be negative, yet we live ours each day and as we watch tomorrow come without (the lottery) are not caring turns to anger.

How did this all happen?

Was it interactivity? The letter X is two defined lines that cross in the center. An interactivity is suppose to bring us closer together. Lines have been blurred, however, as machines have been brought closer together but not human beings.

For example, some of the people on my e-mail list, I have not spoken to in months. Our computers keep us together without any human contact.

Was it the pills? The baby boomers are not to be blame for taking advantage of medicine that could help their children. So we have taken blame out of the equation and we can talk about the problem. Pills are the lottery of good health. We can fix any matory by finding the right pill. With such an amazing tool at your disposl we can treat our bodies any way we want today and pop the curing pill tomorrow.

I think it is the pornography. It is a billion dollar industry that has produce alot of "lottery winners". For example (I hate to admit it but I did do some research) brazzers.com is an example of a well organize porn circuit. I assume it is run by men and the beatiful women are treated like dogs.

I believe in God as the creater and I go to vivid.com and I see us walking further away from God. How did we let the intimate act that perpetrates life become a deprive lottery?

Because we keep buying it. Just like war is profitable, just like selling your children (babies). With all the money in this world today why is destruction so profitable?

Could help be on the way? We are on the cusp of possible having Hillary Clinton leading our country. Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure because of her attributes of her integellance, work ethic, pride both in herself and her country. She would be the first leader this country since 2000.

The last rehearsal of "Jen X"before filming was a lot of fun.

Generation X is the bridge between the baby boomers and Generation Y. We could have the first Generation X President in America as early as 9 years from today. Every Generation is the most important Generation in the world. The world is hurting and once we get past the fault and blame then we can begin to look for the postives.

I just hope that Generation X does not make things worst, and I quietly dream we can make things better. I wish it was easy as outlawing porn and ending war. But that is not so. The money those industries bring in make them two forces that might always plage our world. With as many plagues that are from the divine, it seems we should work to heal the man-made ones.

And you might not believe this because it does pain me to write this but it might take the delicate touch of a woman to change the course of our future.

What is Generation X about?

It is about to be our world. I would love any and all thoughts on Generation X:


"Jen X" a review by Vernon E. Neal

(ReViewing the Movies available thru Amazon.com).

We have the "Baby Boomer" generation that will retire soon to enjoy life and explore new opportunities, and the next group coming up is "Generation X".  This group has two ways of looking at life, one is wanting to make a positive difference in the world by using their creative talents, while others want riches, success, & power right now and not worry about what will happen tomorrow.
So when I watched Dan Smith 13 minute feature, "Jen X", I was blown away at how he presented a realistic view of his generation.  The story is about how people deal with responsibility, life changing situations, standing up for something, or doing something they will regret later.
With any film you need a good cast and Dan has assembled a great one. Lindsey Warm as Jen X is sexy, desirable, and happy about becoming a mother. Santiago Craig as her boyfriend Bruce is a real whimp and not supportive for his woman's happy news. Most men would be happy about this, but Bruce is too selfish and has no back bone.
Jay Khawaja is Ed and Zelieann Rivera is Rita the couple Bruce goes to see after Jen throws him out till he can come back and make her smile again. We have an exchange between Bruce and Rita that shows Rita is one "bad" woman you don't want to mess with.
Then we have Mike Buck as Eric, Bruce's brother. He is beaten up by two henchmen Jack (Scott Acorn) & Rodney (Evan Casler). He is told to get a woman with a child. So he takes the henchmen to Jen's home and they kidnapped her.
We finally see Samuel played so cool & together by Jon Proudstar. He played the boss and was a real joy to watch him perform. I love the final scene where Jen is dressed so sexy and wearing an S & M black mask. Samuel takes the mouth piece off and starts to move her hair and from there we can only guess what can happen next.
Jen X is a  great movie short that would be worth a longer feature. I give it 4 stars and hope people will get to see this superb work

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Actors Scott Acorn and Evan Casler practice their fight scene of "Jen X."

Associate Producer Julian Moreno sets up for the first shot on the first day of shooting "Jen X."

Stars Lindsey Warm and Santiago Craig, with DOP Darren Montgomery, prepare for a scene that was visualized months earlier.

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