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The John Glenn Story (1963)

This brief, 30-minute biographical documentary looks at the early life and professional career of American astronaut John Glenn (before his days in politics).

Several of the people who knew him "back when" in New Concord, Ohio take up a certain amount of time reminiscing on Glenn's boyhood and then the docu segues into the astronaut's preparations for his space flight -- three orbits around the earth, and then home again.

Included are interior shots aboard the Friendship Seven space capsule, and Glenn's comments as he works inside the capsule during this mission.

Runtime: 30 minutes
Director: William L. Hendricks
Producer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Production Company: Werner Bros. Studios
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Keywords: Documentary; Space; NASA; Rocket; John Glenn
Contact Information: www.k-otic.com
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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"The John Glenn Story:"
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