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Vincent Price in "The Last Man on Earth"

Last Man on Earth free movie downloadThis 1964 film is based on the chilling Richard Matheson science fiction Classic "I am Legend" and later remade as "The Omega Man" starring Charlton Heston.

This classic movie features Vincent Price as scientist Robert Morgan in a post apocalyptic nightmare world.

The world has been consumed by a ravenous plague that has transformed humanity into a race of bloodthirsty vampires. Only Morgan proves immune, and becomes the solitary vampire slayer.

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Last Mn on Earth Vincent Prie Director: Ubaldo Ragona
Audio/Visual: Mono, Black and White
Keywords: horror; Sci-Fi; Drama
Contact Information:
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Runtime 1:26:30

From review: "The Last Man on Earth" is adapted by author Richard Matheson (writing under the nom de plume Logan Swanson when he wasn't happy with the results of the film)from his classic Science Fiction/horror novel "I Am Legend".

Price plays Dr. Robert Morgan the last survivor of a deadly plague that wipes out humanity or so it appears at first. Morgan lost his daughter and wife in the plague. Those affected by the plague turn into vampires (although they look more like zombies in this film)who taunt as he's locked securely behind closed doors. His neighbor and close friend Ben Cortman (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart). Morgan spends his days searching for food, supplies and killing the vampires.

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"The Last Man on Earth" and "Panic in the Year Zero" DVD


Actors: Franca Bettoia, Antonio Corevi, Christi Courtland, Emma Danieli, Carolyn De Fonseca. Format: Single, Color, DVD, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC. Language: English, Italian. Studio: American International Pictures (AIP). DVD Release Date: September 20, 2005

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