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The young detective "Nancy Drew... Reporter"

Nancy Drew is the adolescent ace detective whose exploits have delighted girls and boys for many years, in both books and films.

In 1930, teen detective Nancy Drew debuted in print, captivating girls everywhere.

In 1938, she came to the screen in the first of four films with Bonita Granville, whose Nancy is "brainy, feisty, resourceful, and full of energy" (Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide).

This episode of "Nancy Drew...Reporter" was filmed in 1939.

Whether you're revisiting Nancy or first met her in 2007's new Nancy Drew movie, we invite you to enjoy mystery and fun that moves like a speedy blue roadster!

In this classic venture, the teen slueth finds herself up to her neck in murder, mystery, and mayhem after she wins a contest and gets to be a newspaper reporter.

Nancy Drew, the reporter, clears a girl of murder charges in this episode.

Starring: Betty Amann; Sheila Bromley; Bonita Granville; Olin Howland; Larry Williams

Director: William Clemens
Producer: Bryan Foy
Production Company: First National Pictures
Audio/Visual: sound, black & white
Keywords: Drama; Mystery

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Run time: 01:07:43

"Nancy Drew" (2007) Movie Production Notes

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from amazon.com

"Nancy Drew...Reporter" DVD

• Format: Black & White, NTSC
• Region: All Regions
• Studio: Reel Enterprises
• DVD Release Date: November 13, 2006
• Run Time: 68 minutes

The Original Nancy Drew Movie Mystery Collection (1938)

Sleuth with Nancy as she seeks a missing heiress (Nancy Drew, Detective), investigates a poisoning (Nancy Drew... Reporter), clears a family friend accused of murder (Nancy Drew--Trouble Shooter), and faces death in a secret tunnel (Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase).

Amazon.com: These four classic, 1938 black-and-white Nancy Drew hour-long films directed by William Clemens (not the 2007 movie starring Emma Roberts) feature Bonita Granville as Nancy Drew, John Litel as Carson Drew, and Frankie Thomas as Ted Nickerson. Based on the character from the book series first published in 1930, the headstrong teenager Nancy Drew has a knack for winding up right in the middle of a mystery, and neither her father nor friend Ted can talk Nancy into doing what they consider the sensible thing: letting the police handle the detective work. With a curious mix of early feminism and cultural chauvinism, a dichotomy representative of late-1930s society, Nancy investigates each mystery with fervor, usually dragging her friend Ted into the thick of the investigation and demonstrating a complete disregard for her personal safety or the safety of her friends and family in her determination to track down the perpetrator.

• Actors: Bonita Granville
• Format: Black & White, Closed-captioned, DVD-Video, Full Screen, NTSC
• Language: English
• Studio: Warner Home Video
• DVD Release Date: June 12, 2007
• Run Time: 263 minutes

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