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The original classic film "Oliver Twist"

This is the original film production of Charles Dicken's "Oliver Twist" produced in 1933.

In Oliver Twist, an orphan boy in 1830's London, is abused in a workhouse, then falls into the clutches of a gang of thieves.

Run Time: 1:10:54

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Directed by William J. Cowen

Writing credits Charles Dickens (novel) and Elizabeth Meehan

Cast overview, first billed only:
Dickie Moore .... Oliver Twist
Irving Pichel .... Fagin
William 'Stage' Boyd .... Bill Sikes
Doris Lloyd ....Nancy Sikes
Alec B. Francis....Mr. Brownlow
Barbara Kent .... Rose Maylie
Sonny Ray .... The Artful Dodger
George K. Arthur....Toby Crackit
George Nash .... Charles Bates
Clyde Cook .... Chitfing
Lionel Belmore .... Mr. Bumble
Tempe Pigott .... Mrs. Corney
Nelson McDowell .... Sowerberry
Virginia Sale .... Mrs. Sowerberry
Harry Holman .... Grimwig

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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"Oliver Twist:
The Original 1933 movie" VHS

The first talking version of the Charles Dicken's classic masterpiece. Oliver's mother dies in a workhouse, leaving her poor orphan son to be raised by a cruel orphanage. At the age of nine, Oliver is returned to the workhouse to learn a trade. When Oliver asks for a second helping of gruel, "please sir, I want some more," the workhouse staff is astounded that any of the lads would have the tenacity to ask for more. Oliver is punished. Although a small boy he escapes and makes his way to London, where he innocently falls into the clutches of Fagin, Irving Pichel, and his notorious group of pick-pockets and thieves. Oliver has a variety of adventures, and is soon rescued by the kindly Mr. Brownlow. A heartwarming tale, with Dickie Moore, the most popular child star of the thirties, as Oliver.

Oliver Twist - Criterion Collection DVD

Robert Newton

David Lean's 1948 version of Charles Dickens' classic novel begins with a bang: the young hero's pregnant mother fighting her way through a storm, a perfect metaphor for Oliver's difficult road ahead. Set in a world of slums in the shadow of Victorian England, the story traces the boy's life in a workhouse and then with a gang of little pickpockets. A stark but good-looking film shot around some impressive sets, Lean's immortal adaptation is perhaps best known for Alec Guinness's remarkable (and slightly controversial) performance as Fagin, the old mentor to the gang of boy thieves. --Tom Keogh, amazon.com

Oliver Twist [AUDIOBOOK]

by Charles Dickens, Alex Jennings (Narrator)

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The Unabridged Charles Dickens:

A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations (Courage Classics)

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