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Andrew Sisters in "Private Buckaroo"

"Private Buckaroo" is a 1948 romance, wartime comedy movie that stars the Andrew Sisters.

THE PLOT: Singer Lon Prentice’s (Dick Foran) efforts at joining the army finally pay off when he is enlisted along with Harry James (himself) and his band of musicians. Also in the uniform are the famed Andrew Sisters (Maxene, Patty & Laverne Andrews) . Together they put on a musical feast that was intended to boost the morale of the United States troops during World War II.

OVERVIEW: Director Edward Cline brought together some of the best musical talent of the 40s in this feature film extravaganza - the immensely gifted Andrews sisters who cut a record 19 gold records, the flamboyant Dick Foran whose good looks and good-natured personality made him a natural choice for the supporting cast, and the gifted Joe Lewis who fought back after being left for dead by the Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn gang for refusing to sing in his club. A2ZCDS have brought this old Hollywood Classic feature films on DVD.

The magnificent musical score and outstanding vocals enthrall you, while the inimitable Shemp Howard has you in splits with his antics. The few romantic interludes you witness are well placed and help the narrative along nicely.

This free classic movie is sprinkled generously with solos, duets, trios and choruses, not to forget some memorable trumpet solos. An all-time favorite musical, it was produced at the height of World War II as a tribute and inspiration to the soldiers who fought for the country. Witness this fascinating, timeless movie extravaganza, which is certain to enthrall you with some of the most captivating song and dance sequences from the 40s!"

Runtime: 1:07:05

Production Company: Universal Pictures

Credited cast:
Maxene Andrews ....Herself, Maxene Andrews (as The Andrews Sisters)
Patty Andrews ....Herself, Patty Andrews (as The Andrews Sisters)
Laverne Andrews....Herself, Laverne Andrews (as The Andrews Sisters)
Dick Foran ....Lon Prentice
Joe E. Lewis ....Lancelot Pringle McBiff
Ernest Truex ....Col. Elias Weatherford
Jennifer Holt ....Joyce Mason
Shemp Howard ....Sgt. 'Muggsy' Shavel
Harry James....Himself
Richard Davies....Lt. Howard Mason
Mary Wickes ....Bonnie-Belle Schlopkiss
Donald O'Connor ....Donny
Peggy Ryan ....Peggy
Huntz Hall....Cpl. Anemic
Susan Levine ....Tagalong

Directed by
Edward F. Cline

Writing credits
Edward James
Edmond Kelso

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With this feature film DVD, A2ZCDS brings back this hilarious musical comedy that combines the awesome talents of some of the best artists of the time - The Andrews Sisters, who sold over 100 million copies of their albums, the debonair Dick Foran and the gifted Joe Lewis. Format: Black & White, Collector's Edition, Color, DVD-Video, Flash, Full length, Full Screen, Original recording remastered, Restored, NTSC. Studio: Tapeworm. DVD Release Date: March 22, 2005. Run Time: 68 minutes

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