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"Private Snuffy Smith"

Snuffy Smith (Bud Duncan), moonshining hillbilly, grows tired of dodging revenue agents, headed by Cooper (Edgar Kennedy), and decides to take the army up on their offer of free clothes, food and $21.00 a month.

Once enlisted, he finds that revenue agent Cooper is his sergeant. Don (Jimmie Dodd), a hillbilly soldier friend of Snuffy, has invented a range finder, but it is stolen by some fifth columnists and hidden in Snuffy's bag.

Snuffy decides he has all the army discipline he cares for and heads back to Smokey Mountain, followed closely by the enemy agents.

Summary written by Les Adams {}

Credited cast:
Bud Duncan ....Snuffy Smith, camp Yardbird
Edgar Kennedy....Sgt. Ed Cooper, ex-Revenue Agent
Sarah Padden ....Lowizie Smith
J. Farrell MacDonald ....General Rosewater
Doris Linden ....Cindy
Jimmie Dodd ....Pvt. Don Elbie
Andria Palmer ....Janie (as Andraia Palmer)
Pat McVeigh ....Lloyd
Frank Austin ....Saul

Director: Edward F. Cline
Producer: Edward Gross
Production Company: Capitol Productions
Audio/Visual: sound, b&w
Keywords: Comedy

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