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The Wasp Woman comes alive at night

In this classic horror film of the mid-20th century, the "Wasp Woman" was filmed in 1960.

The Wasp Woman is a beautiful woman by day. She turns into a lusting queen wasp by night.

A cosmetics queen develops a youth formula from jelly taken from queen wasps. She fails to anticipate the typical hoary side- effects. Even strong men are forced to satisfy a passion no human knows.

Also known as "Insect Woman" and "The Bee Girl."

Writing credits Leo Gordon
Story by Kinta Zertuch

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete
Susan Cabot ....Janice Starlin
Anthony Eisley ....Bill Lane (as Fred Eisley)
Barboura Morris ....Mary Dennison
William Roerick ....Arthur Cooper
Michael Mark ....Eric Zinthrop
Frank Gerstle ....Les Hellman
Bruno VeSota ....Night watchman (as Bruno Ve Sota)
Roy Gordon ....Paul Thompson
Carolyn Hughes ....Jean Carson
Lynn Cartwright ....Maureen Reardon
Frank Wolff ....Man
Lani Mars ....Secretary
Phillip Barry ....Man

Director: Roger Corman
Producer: Roger Corman
Production Company: Santa Cruz Productions Inc.
Audio/Visual: sound, B&W
Keywords: Horror; science-fiction

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