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FAQ: How to Watch & Download Free Movies

All of these movies are absolutely FREE to watch, free to download and free to own. Free to anyone, anywhere in the world.

These movies and videos are in the public domain. The copyright in the United States has expired and they can be freely distributed. No illegal or pirate movies are available. All films have been screened for public domain access. These are some of the most classic and popular films of the 20th Century.

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By Bob Zucker

These FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) can help you improve your success to watch and download these free movies. The Entertainment Magazine has posted streaming video to some of the top classic films since this section of free movies was launched in 2006, it has been the most popular part of our web site. The EMOL.org web site has been online since 1995.

Do you have questions or problems about watching or downloading these free movies? Read some suggestions to provide some answers. This section is updated often with new information as technology changes.

Use Wi-Fi when watching movies or download movie first. Read more about Mobile Devices.

How to Watch Free Movies

How to Download Movies

Using Mobile Devices

Download & Convert Movies to an iPod, iPhone or other mobile device

If a movie is not playing, report problems to [email protected]

Why are these movies free?

Since these movies and videos are in the public domain, they can be played over the Internet and downloaded anywhere around the world.

The U.S. copyright has expired on these films and are now available to the public. These movies can be played anywhere, in any format for personal or commercial use.

Most computers can view and download these movies without difficulty. If you have a problem watching movies online see the FAQ: Can't View Movies.

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Watching & downloading tips

On almost any PC with a broadband connection, the movie can be played immediately. Find out how to watch free movies.

Most of these movies can be downloaded for free. Find out more how to download movies.

On a mobile device, it is recommended to either use a Wi-Fi connection, or download the movie first. Then, synch the file to your mobile device to play.

Watching on a mobile device

If you use a wireless carrier, you might be charged for cellular time. Find out tips on using mobile devices.

To make a copy of the movie, it needed to be downloaded to your PC. The easiest method is to watch the movie, then use your "save as" command to save the file to your hard drive.

Learn how to download the movie to convert movies to an iPod, iPhone or other mobile device.

Some people do have problems with their computer, software or Internet connection. Find out some tips if you can't view movies.

Movie download playing tips

Watch Full Screen Tip: Some movies can now be enlarged to fill your entire PC monitor or TV screen viewing area. Click on the screen icon on the lower right corner, if available.

Mash Your Movie: Edit your downloaded movie file, insert a green-screen chroma-key and other techniques to modify your movie. See Movie Mash Up FAQ.

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