BWB Concert Photos

By Tracie Reed, Tucson, Arizona, May 17, 2003


BWB Tucson AZ Concert Review

By Tracie Reed

On a beautiful Saturday evening night for the 2nd Annual Sonar an Jazz Festival at the Anselmo Valencia Tori Amphitheatre in Tucson AZ.

Seats filled up quickly with thousands of fans as BWB was getting ready to come on stage.

Fans had a great time watching and listening to BWB.

Some had even gotten up out of their sets to dance in front of the stage as the jazz trio had a great time entertaining by playing their instruments, dancing and sometimes singing.

During the show, Whalum grabbed a big statue of a cactus standing behind him on the stage.

Braun was taking a quick break in the back, so Whalum brings the cactus in front of the stage where Braun would have been standing.

Whalum put the microphone in front of the cactus as if the cactus was replacing Braun.

Then, Whalum continues to play his saxophone.

Braun comes back out on stage with a confused look as to why this cactus was there. Every one laughs and Braun gets behind the cactus and pretends as if he is the cactus playing the trumpet.

Then, Whalum puts the cactus aside after they had some fun with it.


Close to the end of the show, Brown played his guitar on stage while Whalum and Braun hopped off of the stage with their instruments and ran down the isles where thousands of fans were sitting.

They played their instruments and shook hands with some fans, then they continued back to the stage.

After the show, people made a very long line at the t-shirt stand to get autographs.

Fantastic Jazz musicians! They are great! I had a great time!

They know how to have a lot of fun as well as entertaining your ears with their music! I look forward to seeing them again in Tucson.

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