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Taking Chances Pays Off for Celine Dion

World Tour Opens in South Africa and Plays to More Than 300,000 Fans

South Africa recently hosted the country's biggest concert tour ever by a major international artist.

Canadian superstar CELINE DION opened her world tour with an unprecedented nine city tour of South Africa, playing to capacity crowds, primarily in stadiums from coast to coast. She concluded her successful South African journey with two outdoor performances in Johannesburg on February 29 and March 1, 2008.

Though Celine has been performing in her record-breaking Las Vegas engagement for the past five years, it has been close to ten years since she has toured around the world

On her Taking Chances World tour, Celine is visiting many territories for the very first time, including this inaugural visit to South Africa, where she holds the record as the biggest selling artist of all time in that country.

During her nine city South African tour, Celine Dion played to more than 300,000 South Africans who were mesmerized by her incredible new show. "Starting in South Africa on my World Tour has been a fantastic experience and a perfect way for my family and me to begin this new chapter on the road," said Celine Dion. "It's a wonderful feeling to be back on tour and to be re-connecting with all of my fans around the world."

Immediately following the South African leg, Celine continues her Taking Chances World Tour with performances in Japan, Korea, Australia, Malaysia and China. In May 2008, the tour moves to the UK and Europe, with concerts in stadiums and arenas, before heading back across the ocean where Celine will open the North American leg of her tour in Boston on August 12, 2008.

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"Taking Chances"
Celine Dion

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Taking Chances is not without its daring moments--we'll get to those--but the first order of business in any review of this much-hyped record, on which Celine Dion is said to have slunk away from her songbird instincts in favor of embracing her inner rock & roll wild child, should be fan reassurance. Therefore: fear not. Taking Chances has its share of poignant, pretty ballads (both "A Song for You" and "Right Next to the Right One" are goosebump-raisers) and love songs (the hopeful, heartfelt title track, which unfolds into an anthemic power ballad midway through, may be the best one). As far as standard Celine fare goes, in fact, Chances is likely her strongest non-French outing since 2002's A New Day Has Come; nobody unfolds a lyric with more care or nuance. And, as the subtle "My Love" deftly proves, any early-career instincts to over-sing have gone poof along with her '90s-era, sweet-natured-kook persona. Because it's a generous 16 songs long, it may even be possible to ignore the non-Celine-like moments on Taking Chances and just enjoy the more fan-faithful tracks. But that wouldn't be any fun, would it? There are songs here--"Can't Fight the Feelin'," "Fade Away," "That's Just the Woman In Me"--that will astound diehards and make fans of those who've dissed her for more than a decade. If you didn't think the diva behind Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" had it in her to screech from the bottom of her soul, a la Janis Joplin, flip to track 15 and guess agan. --Tammy La Gorce

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