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A half Italian/half English singer songwriter. David Harvey is searching for meaning through his music.

Being a member of several rock bands in the early part of 2000. David decided to go his own way and forge a career as a solo artist.

Having gigged in the states and received excellent reviews and with growing press coverage, the future looks good for David.

“All I want to do is write delicate songs that make me and the audience think while I’m playing them”, says David J Harvey “its all drawn upon my experiences and not made up fantasy which is why my music is so important to me”

This statement, although quite common amongst your average singer songwriter, is actually very believable when watching one of David’s performances. Writing from the age of 16, he has always written delicate songs that have an impact on the hearts and minds of the listener.

Music and singing have always been central in David’s life. After picking up a cd of Husker Du`s `Warehouse songs and storys` there was no going back. David then picked up a bass guitar and decided to learn as many songs as he could by any artist at anytime. “Bob Mould and Husker Du played a big part in me getting so heavily into music, and from the moment I heard warehouse I played every second of the day. I was intoxicated by bass and guitar drums and vocals” says David

Having gigged the local scene in various bands for the next few years, David then joined punk trio `Teen Lubrication` on a tour of Europe as a session bassist and backing singer.

Although the band were well received the band shortly imploded and David went back to his guitar and singing roots again.

Having fronted various shortly lived bands after that David Finally decided to go solo in 2007.

“It wasn’t a hard decision to make really as people struggle with commitment so I only have to make sure I’m in the right place and its ok” is the statement David makes to back this up. 2007 was a fantastic year for David as he headed out to the states to showcase his music.

“It was really well received and I suppose it’s nothing mockney at all so the Americans saw it as a breath of fresh air”.

After the short tour David finally put the finishing touches to his album which is due for release at the end of March on independent label Buck! Buck! Records.

2008 looks to be an exciting year for David, and whatever it may bring, David will be sure to bring some emotional intensity to the table avid J Harvey

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