TestamentMay 19, 2008, Bay Area thrash titans Testament were featured on MTV’s 52 / 52!!!

52 / 52 is a showcase for today’s top musical acts. Previously featured artists include Foo Fighters, Mariah Carey, Bad Brains, Paramore, and Against Me!. Testament’s 52 / 52 kicks off at 6:00AM on May 19th and runs until 5:59AM the following Monday, May 26.

MTV filmed Testament’s live performance at BB King’s in NYC on April, as well as a special performance on Alcatraz in the band’s hometown of San Francisco. There will also be tons more extra footage, so tune in all week long and check it out!

Testament’s fans can also go to www.MTV.com to see longer pieces of performances and catch footage they might have missed on air. The footage is available under “Artist of the Week” on the main page. Testament can be found there under the MTV Buzzworthy section.

52 / 52 is a way for MTV to give unprecedented exposure to unsigned artists, indie bands, and established acts on major labels in a completely new and innovative way. MTV will handpick 1 band / artist per week for any entire year and give them the equivalent of over 11 hrs of on-air promo inventory per week on the channel. This essentially means that each 52 / 52 band / artist will receive over 1,190 :30 second spots per week of on-air time per week - constituting over 11 hours of on-air time for each artist - 52 Weeks / 52 different Artists.

Testament’s latest album, The Formation of Damnation, charted for the second week in a row, coming in at #150 on the Billboard Top 200. The album debuted at #59, moving over 11,500 units in the first 5 days! Testament continues to dominate the airwaves, coming in at #1 on both the FMQB and CMJ radio charts!

The classic lineup of vocalist Chuck Billy, guitarists Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick, bassist Greg Christian, and drummer Paul Bostaph are back and at the top of their games. The band is preparing for a series of European tour dates, before returning home for the Metal Masters tour with Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, and Motorhead.

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The Formation of Damnation CD by Testament

The Formation of Damnation is the 2008 release-- the first Testament studio album of all new material in nine years. This is the first Testament album to feature Alex Skolnick on guitar since 1992's The Ritual, also the first to feature bassist Greg Christian since 1994's Low. Testament are an US thrash metal band from California. Some of their records entered the charts in major markets such as the UK and Germany. Testament has two Top 40 albums and one Top 50 album to its credit in the UK. Their 1999 album The Gathering also entered the Top 50 in Germany. They had minor top 100 album success in the United States.

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