Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson: The Greatest Hits Collection

by Sandra L. Toney

Alan Jackson: The Greatest Hits Collection leads off with one of Jackson's most popular songs that won him countless awards, "Chattahoochee." Only this "Chattahoochee" gives us something extra . . . an extended dance mix version. Whether you're cranking your car stereo or line dancing at a country bar, this "Chattahoochee" is worthy of hitting that repeat button so you can hear one of Jackson's all-time BEST songs again and again.

This CD offers so much to the listener. You don't even have to be a loyal Alan Jackson fan to love this release. Jackson's pleasing honky tonk sound is sure to convert the most skeptical of listeners. With his touching tribute to Hank Williams, "Midnight in Montgomery" is one of those songs that will haunt you as you hear it over and over in your head.

But that's what Alan Jackson does best! His hauntingly sober voice can tell a story better than anyone. Such ballads as "Someday," "(Who Says) You Can't Have It All," his new song, "I'll Try," "Dallas," and the loving tribune Alan wrote for his wife, Denise, on their tenth anniversary, "I'd Love You All Over Again," prove that this country singer only croons songs that will touch hearts around the world.

Country ballads are only one of Jackson's specialties. Just as the opening hit, "Chattahoochee," reminds us, he can turn up the heat in any room with a rockin', butt-kickin' song. His remake of the classic, "Summertime Blues," the hit song he co- wrote with Randy Travis, "She's Got the Rhythm (And I Got the Blues)," "Gone Country," and the tune about his favorite car, "Mercury Blues," all exhibit Jackson's talent to kick up his heels and have a good time.

He does, however, go out on a limb (literally) with one of the two new songs included along with the superb collection of his greatest hits. It's a remake of an old Roger Miller song (co-wrote by Miller and George Jones) entitled "Tall, Tall Trees," and it's really kind of silly (even for Jackson who also included his cutesy and ridiculous hit, "I Don't Even Know Your Name," on this release). The mindless chorus in "Tall, Tall Trees" goes like this, "I'll buy you tall, tall trees and all the waters in the sea/I'm a fool, fool, fool for you." Hmmm. I think the album could have survived without this one.

Overall, though, this is one for the history books and definitely for your music collection. As someone who owns everything ever recorded by Mr. Jackson, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to listen to sixty-six straight, uninterrupted minutes of, in my opinion, the best singer in country music, Alan Jackson!

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