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Nashville, TN – Since releasing "Working Man's Journey" exclusively through Cracker Barrel Old Country Store on May 29th, 2007, Merle Haggard has proven that a few years under his belt has only affected his voice for the better.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says of the album and Merle, "Haggard the balladeer is in full flower on 'Kern River' and 'Are the Good Times Really Over' but he also gives some of his most animated performances in years, honky-tonking it up on 'Shade-Tree Fix-It Man' and 'Rainbow Stew.'"

Country Standard Time says of the album, "the disc is seamless with no real difference between old and new." Country Weekly says "a surprisingly cohesive gathering of thematically linked songs by the Poet of the 'Common Man,' Merle Haggard."

With six new songs and six classics, which have been newly recorded, Merle stays true to his roots in the release of his new album. His distinct voice and theme throughout the album hold true to what we all love in Merle's music. According to Merle, "I think its common subject matter that people of our nature understand. There's nothing complicated about it. It's just plain old music about simple subjects."

Don Chance from Time Record News writes, "It's something of a miracle collection." In Merle's forty year career, he has released many albums and written numerous songs. Looking back Merle says, "Out of the last twelve-fifteen years, I have made several albums, and there are always songs in there that don't fit the concept that you're working on. It just gets left behind, but these songs all seem to work together."

Merle's new hits on the album are definitely songs that will become instant classics. With songs like "C'Mon Sixty-Five" and "In The Mountains To Forget," it is easy to see that this album is something most people can easily relate to.

Merle Haggard's "Working Man's Journey" is available only in Cracker Barrel stores or online at

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