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"The Trouble With The Truth"

(Sony Music, 1996)

by Sandra L. Toney

First of all, I have to admit I've never been a Patty Loveless fan. In fact, I never saw what all the fuss was about as far as her loyal following of fans.

So, when Loveless walked away with the prestigious 1996 Country Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year Award, I began to wonder if I was missing something. Of course, that award followed the 1996 Academy of Country Music's Top Female Vocalist triumph. So, I did the only thing a good music reviewer could do -- I bought a Patty Loveless CD to find out what all the commotion was about. Now I know . . .

Patty's latest release, THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH, is one of my favorite CD's now. In fact, I wish I'd given Patty Loveless a chance long before now. However, now that I have, I plan on purchasing future releases by this talented country music award winner.

This CD is loaded with emotional songs, some sassy and some sad. THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH combines a nice blend of music for any listener in any mood.

The title song, "The Trouble With The Truth," is a seductive number where Loveless croons this electrifying verse, "And the trouble with the truth/Is it just won't let me rest/I run and hide but there's always another test/And I know it won't let me be/'Til I've given my best/The trouble with the truth/Is it just won't let me rest." There is a lot of good music on this release.

Whether it's the radio hit song "You Can Feel Bad," or the touching "Someday I Will Lead the Parade" or the wonderful newest single to hit the airwaves, "She Drew A Broken Heart," it will be Patty Loveless singing her heart out.

One of the best singles on the album is the upbeat "Tear-Stained Letter," which tells the story of a man breaking a woman's heart and, just when the woman starts to heal those awful wounds, she gets a letter from him . . . a tear-stained letter. As Patty sings in her final verse, "Now I like coffee and I like tea/But I just don't like this feeling in me/It makes me nervous, it gives me the hives/Looking for the truth in a pack of lies/Just when I thought that things would get better/Right through the door came a tear-stained letter."

If the woman is smart, the letter will be returned to him, tears and all. Finally, if you are like I used to be and never gave this Female Vocalist of the Year a chance in the past, be sure to change your ways and give her a listen. It is well worth it and you won't find any trouble with that truth!

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