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CD Review of

John Michael Montgomery
"What I Do Best"

(Atlantic Records, 1996)

by Sandra L. Toney

John Michael Montgomery has done it again. His latest release, his fourth, is once again a superb effort by one of country music's rising superstars. "What I Do the Best" is certainly a true statement regarding Montgomery's singing talents. Of course, I haven't seen him do much else, but I couldn't imagine anything better than his old-fashioned, yet unique, style of twangy country music.

"What I Do the Best," is Montgomery's fourth CD and his previous three were all sensational recordings. Such mega-hits as "I Can Love You Like That" and "I Swear" took this young hunk quickly to the top of the country music charts. Although he isn't a songwriter (but his name is placed as co-writer on one selection, "I Miss You a Little," on this album), he knows how to pick the perfect styles of songs for his voice.

The first radio release off this CD, "Friends," was a good song, but not one of the better ones on the album. Several other singles would have been better selection and no doubt they will be released to the radio stations and become huge hits.

"Ain't Got Nothin' On Us" is one of those kick-up-your-heels type of songs that you can't help but tap your toes to (no matter who you are). This song is about comparing the love he has with his significant other to some of the greater sites and love stories in history. He uses such examples as the seven wonders of the world, the space shuttle, the Grand Canyon and, in the final verse, Montgomery sings, "Well, I've read about Romeo and Juliet/Wish I could tell Shakespeare I ain't impressed/Ooo baby, ain't got nothin' on us." It's a very catchy tune.

There are several catchy tunes on the selection worthy of toe tappin' and twirling around the dance floor over, such as "Lucky Arms" and (one of my personal favorites) "Paint the Town Redneck" but, as usual, John Michael Montgomery shines the brightest on his tale-telling ballads.

The ballad meant most for stardom is the title song, "What I Do the Best," which is one of those true love songs who would make anyone's skin tingle a little. He croons this touching verse, "Some may live to change the world/And that's alright with me/My hat's off to those chosen few/Who rewrite history/But just to make you smile/That is how I measure my success/'Cause lovin' you is what I do the best." Singing heart-rendering love songs are certainly what John Michael Montgomery does the best . . .

You're missing out on some fun and heartache if you don't have Montgomery's latest release.

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