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Live Jacksonville Collaboration Precedes
Tritt/Mellencamp On Tonight Show

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 2, 2004 /PRNewswire/ -- Country singer/songwriter, musician and entertainer Travis Tritt shares the bill with rising star Gretchen Wilson this weekend, but the collaborative ties between the two artists go deeper than being booked for the same Jacksonville, FL concert.

Wilson will be joining Travis on stage during his set for a performance of the song "Too Far To Turn Around" from Tritt's acclaimed My Honky Tonk History album. The recording of the song, which Wilson actually co-wrote, features country's "Redneck Woman" on backing vocals. The Saturday, Dec. 4 concert at Jacksonville's Metropolitan Park marks the first time Tritt and Wilson have performed together live.

When Tritt chose the song for his album, he had no idea Wilson was one of the writers. "After we decided to cut it somebody sent along a demo with Gretchen singing, and it had all those high, wailing parts," he explains. "This wasn't too long after she got signed, and we called her to come in and sing. She just nailed it. I love her performance, I love the haunting melody and I love the lyric."

As chance would have it, the two entertainers are also performing the following day in Miami. Tritt will be singing at halftime of the NFL game between the Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills, with Wilson slated to sing at the pre-game tailgate party.

And Travis won't have to wait long for his next high-profile musical collaboration, as he and John Mellencamp perform their duet "What Say You" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, Dec. 8. Also from Tritt's current album, the song received widespread notoriety for its patriotic and tolerant celebration of American democracy during the divisive election season.

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