Vince Gill



by Barbara A. Lopatin

Souvenirs is Vince Gill's latest CD---twelve of his most popular songs from three earlier Cd's; When I Call Your Name, Pocket Full of Gold, and I Still Believe In You as well as three "bonus" songs that together make up the perfect combination of his work.

Not surprising to his die hard fans is the fact that he wrote or co-wrote all but those three "bonus" songs. His ability to bring words and music together with such effortless beauty shines through in favorites like "Never Knew Lonely" and "Take Your Memory With You." His words seem to cover the emotions we've all experienced at some point or another as you feel yourself nodding in agreement and singing along. It's like feeling your emotions being expressed for you, rather than words being sung to you.

This selection of songs seem to cover much of the broad range of style that he's so capable of. From the upbeat and rockin' "Liza Jane" to the traditional country ballad of "When I Call Your Name," to the perfect two step songs; "Take Your Memory With You" and "Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away."

It's that special style that has introduced flocks of fans to country music. Vince has a style so unique and a voice so sweet that his music transcends stereo-typification. Fans of almost any genre of music can appreciate his talent.

"I Can't Tell You Why," a big hit for the Eagles years ago is one of the bonus songs I mentioned. Vince said he did it for love of the Walden Woods project. This was a fund raiser started by the Eagles' Don Henley to save Walden Pond. I have to say I'm a huge fan of the Eagles and I have no complaints on Vince's version. He takes a softer, more sentimental love song approach to it but it's quite effective.

Another bonus is the duet he sings with Dolly Parton, her ever popular "I Will Always Love You." We've all heard this song performed by countless artists in every style imaginable, but I guarantee you're in for a treat with this one. Perhaps no one can quite capture a song's emotion like the one who wrote it. This is one of her best songs and I'm thrilled she recorded it with Vince, who in his own words says of her, "Singing with Dolly is awesome because you don't have to worry about pitch; it's like getting to hang out with a radar, it's so perfect." What more can be said?

Last but not least is the duet with Reba McEntire. "The Heart Won't Lie," a soulful, mournful, come back to me song. They sound great together. Souvenirs is definitely Vince Gill's best---on one CD. Top all of this off with a photo album souvenir style booklet complete with some words and musings by Vince with some of his friends, and you have a little bit of heaven...a little bit of Vince.

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