How the Swedes Conquered Hollywood:


By Sandro Herrera Johnston


The  Swedish rock 'n roll band Mogg is made up of Thomas Carfors, Janne Eklund, and Mats Attaque. Thomas Broman left Mogg and joined these Swedish bands- Great King Rat, and the Electric Boys, Bo Werner. Yngwie J. Malmsteen, drummer, replaced Broman.

Mogg did it good- rockin' & rolling at Coconut Teazer, Fm Station in N. Hollywood, California.

Mogg, came out with their first album From To The Icefield. They opened for Killing Machine, Tracii Guns, band at the Fm Station, in 1993.

Mogg, kicked ass with their gig at the Fm Station in January 1995 in Hollywood.

Called by the Swedish name, Mogg, the Kings of the Sunset, in 1995 then went  their separate ways back in Sweden

Thomas Carfors and Janne Eklund, started a brand new band called Brassmonkey in 1998.

Their self titled new record "Mogg." They are one of the only Swedish rock n roll bands to survive in Hollywood.

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