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David Krell

Coldplay music hard to play

without a Radiohead

By David Krell
Entertainment Magazine
October, 2003

In exchange for a Coldplay album, a friend of mine demanded the first Radiohead album, an ice cream sundae from Friendly's, and of course, a prompt return.

Coldplay has not only become one of the biggest bands in the world (as my friend's demands obviously suggest), but they have achieved status as a band who supposedly made way for an array of similar bands. Not only does this phenomena make America look like the most oblivious musical society in the world, but it belittles every band in Coldplay's genre, and believe it, there are many.

Let's get a few things straight:

(1) Coldplay is blatantly influenced by U2 and Radiohead, so much so that they might as well give the proceeds of their first album to Radiohead

(2) Travis, who sound almost identical to Coldplay, came first and have been immensely popular in Europe, yet not in America

(3) The only reason that soccer mom's, CEO's and housekeepers know about Coldplay is because the lead singer is going out with (and is most likely going to marry) our beloved actress/hero, Gwenyth Paltrow. One must understand that Coldplay isn't as creative as everyone makes them
out to be.

"It's as if the lead singer is speaking directly to you," says an avid Coldplay listener. Well, maybe he is, but maybe bands like Travis, the Doves, Stereophonics and Muse are doing the same. How can a person know if they've never listened to any other band besides Coldplay and Brittany Spears? This is the problem.

These future pop stars do their homework with Coldplay as their soundtrack. They dim the lights, light candles and listen to their "favorite band."

Then the parents come in and are so proud that it's not the materialistic Spears and Aguilera who their children are listening to that they honor their sons or daughters for "branching out." Thus, both the musically oblivious kids and their parents become fans.

Not only does Coldplay represent an unfortunate trend in the music industry, but musicians such as Blink 182, John Mayer and 3 Doors Down are continuing this musical catastrophe. If you like Blink 182 then you should be listening to the Bouncing Souls, Reel Big Fish, and of course, Sum 41.

If you like John Mayer than you should go out and buy Howie Day, Joseph Arthur, or any other typical teen heartthrob with basic acoustic love songs. Better yet, go one step further and buy an Elliot Smith album; preferably the album, "Either/Or."

As far as 3 Doors Down, simply go to the "I sound like every band from the early 90's, but worse section, and you should find bands such as Creed, Days of the New and Candlebox. Life is too short for a person to be limited to one band in each genre.

Present-day music is built upon the music of the past and is made for the future. What the future holds is up to the people to decide, but hopefully, the world will have more to base it on than what's on Billboard's Top 10 list.

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