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David Krell

The Yardbirds were Audioslaves

December 26, 2003

By David Krell

Jane said that Dave Navarro should leave the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so he did. He is now touring with Jane's Addiction. The perfect drug made Richard Patrick leave Nine Inch Nails to start the band Filter, while a lack of nookie and respect had Wes Borland leave Limp Bizkit. Patrick and Borland tried to form a band together, but that didn't work out. No rain caused the late Shannon Hoon to leave Guns N, Roses for some Blind Melon and an appetite for destruction has left Axl Rose without Slash for almost 10 years.

If each one of us traces our own history, we will come upon a list of groups, which may or may not have visible connections to us, for everyone comes from somewhere; Russia, an emergency room or even a gas station. The importance is not where a person is born, but what he or she takes from their past and how he or she uses it to better the future. The purpose in tracing a rock star's lineage is no different.

Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page are names we have all heard, for each man is a martyr to the rock world. Eric Clapton led his band Cream into the rock history books before Clapton added himself to that same book as a solo artist and Jimmy Page was a huge part of the massive sounds coming from Led Zeppelin, the first loud rock band of our time. Oddly enough, both Clapton and Page were in a band together before their separate successes. The band was called the Yardbirds.

Today, rock stars are intermingling with other groups more than ever before.

He's happy, feeling glad, he,s got sunshine in a bag, he was useless, but not for long, the future is coming on. Woohoo! Blur's lead singer Damon Albarn wants to make a second album with his side project, Gorillaz. But not before he releases his second solo album on his own record label.

If he's half the man he used to be, Scott Weiland of the recently disbanded Stone Temple Pilots is going to sing for Slash's new band, Velvet Revolver; now that's Chinese democracy.

Despite never having seen a black hole sun, Chris Cornell, formally of Soundgarden, is now leading Rage Against the Machine's new group, Audioslave. Before Soundgarden went on hunger strike, Chris Cornell was in Temple of the Dog along with Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Veddar. Zack De La Rocha, former singer of Rage Against the Machine, is in the midst of writing his own solo album with DJ Shadow.

We all know that Dave Grohl is a Foo Fighter who smells like teen spirit, but did anyone know he played drums on the most recent Tenacious D album and Queens of the Stone Age album?

Not only do our heroes leave their homes to venture into other projects, but they form them with each other. Just look at Brittany Spears, Madonna's ray of light.

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