Las Vegas Vacation Photo Tour

Las Vegas busBus transportation is cheap and easy around Las Vegas. Buses run up and down the Strip and between downtown and the airport constantly. The city wants to make public transportation accessible. It is not unusual for people to stay at a cheaper hotel downtown and then take the bus or a taxi to the Strip for gambling and sightseeing.

Taxi's almost out number other cars- one would think it's part of the New York New York theme. But the taxi driver can take you exactly where you want and when you want- plus you can get a local perspective from the driver.

TAXI TP: If you know the streets and your directions beforehand, you might save a few dollars by giving the taxi drive exact directions.

All along the Las Vegas Strip there are accomodations for wheel chairs and kids with new walkways and elevators. These solve most contraints that used to stop people with disabilites from even leaving their hotel and casino.

McDonald's is on the Strip, tucked in the corner outside Harrah's. The Strip also sports a Chipolte- only an escalator ride away. Denny's, Burger King, Subway and other popular franchises have dug out prime spots in casino's cracks and crevices.

Mid-range priced fast food has taken the place of the cheap buffets of yesteryear.

Of course, all hotels have several theme-restaurants offering a wide variety of lunches and dinners priced near and above $10 a plate.

DINING TIP: Most plates are so large that they can be shared between two and still be filling. Get a seat early, because waiting time can be long near peak feeding periods. Eat earlier or later than the crowd and you can get better seating and service. Busy waitpersons have a hard time giving you the attention you need.

A Short History
of Las Vegas
Barbara Land; Paperback

Malls within
casinos within hotels

A photo of the inside the Aladdin Mall (left) demonstrates the shift hotels are making from the plain casino to elaborate inside shopping malls that twist and meander through hotel themes.

Like the Venetian and other hotels, the living sky effect is now a casino mall staple. While walking, the skyline gives the impression of moving clouds. Rainfalls and thunderstorms are hightlighted additions to the skylines.

The feeling of walking through an old Italian village or Arabian market is created quite effectively at the Aladdin, or an Italian village at the Venetian and so on. It's so mezmorizing you almost don't feel the money leaving your wallet.

101 Things for Kids
in Las Vegas
Carol Anne Stout; Paperback

The Venetian Hotel is an amazing wonder in itself. The re-creation of Venice, Italy down to the gondolas and living statues.

You can take a family singing gondola ride through the channels of the Venetian mall.

The Living Statues at the Venetian have extreme patience. Imagine standing, without blinking or moving a finger, for more than an hour or two.

Most passerbys don't realize it is a living person until the statue actually makes a move.

MOVING STATUE TIP: Tips help keep the statues standing.

The Lobster Kids' Guide to Exploring Las Vegas
Heidi Knapp Rinella; Paperback

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