Who knew complete relaxation
was in upstate New York?

By David Krell
Entertainment Magazine

Relaxation is an art. Yoga and Reiki, amongst many others, are different ways in which people go about achieving a sense of relaxation.

In order to reach such a level- which is usually associated with, but definitely not limited to, the exhalation of withheld air- one must apply themselves. In other words, he or she must be able to ignore the surroundings, which in most circumstances would distract him or her from reaching such a state.

Unfortunately, many of these methods require a belief in spirituality, which not everyone has, and time and patience, which everyone most certainly does
not have.

Cue Cuomo’s Cove, “a place for all seasons and all reasons.”

Not only does it serve mainly as a getaway for families skiing at nearby Hunter and Windham mountains, but it meets all the requirements needed to achieve the state of mind needed for complete relaxation. Each apartment (and yes, they are apartments, not single rooms) has a hot tub, a sauna and a fireplace- not to mention a full kitchen and living room.

Each is given the privacy that only an isolated cabin could give and the view of nearby forestation is positively mind-numbing. Put these amenities to use and even the most non-spiritual, lazy, pessimist would find themselves in awe.

How can one possibly sit in a hot tub- with the sauna preheating and the fireplace providing indoor warmth- without feeling as if nothing in the world matters?

One reaches this state if and only if he or she forgets about his or her daily tribulations. Moreover, one cannot become completely relaxed if he or she is worried about the car getting fixed. Let’s just say that my car barely made it.

Fortunately, Cuomo’s Cove makes it nearly impossible not to relax.

Worse case scenario: the anxious father can go skiing at two of the most renowned ski mountains on the east coast, which will certainly make for a much needed rest in the hot tub and sauna later on. No matter how much one resists, at some point, he or she will forget about the bills needing to be paid and accept the greatness that Cuomo’s Cove allows the guest to partake in.

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